When you’re ready to scratch that entrepreneurial itch and start your own practice, there are many factors that require your attention. You have to consider the location of your office, as well as equipment rentals, personnel, marketing and other necessary elements. Here are a few basic factors to think about.


Customer service is an essential element of your practice. It’s important to have knowledgeable and experienced staff that offer friendly and courteous service. They help represent you and your organization and can leave lasting impressions, positive or negative on clients. Finding the right staff is important, and an expert provider of Candidate Sourcing Philadelphia can connect you to great candidates.

Operational Tools

Every office needs general equipment such as phones, computers and multifunction printers. Your particular practice will need specific equipment related to your business. For example, a medical practice might need specialized equipment such as defibrillators, diagnostic machines and testing supplies. You should also consider tools such as accounting software, devices to accept payments and more. Prioritize technology that makes it easier for you to monitor and manage your business.


Marketing is an essential part of your business. How you advertise your services will affect the number of clients you have, impacting your bottom line. The nature of your business will make some marketing vehicles better than others. You wouldn’t necessarily post flyers on a community bulletin board, but you can always leverage the power of the Internet with a website and profiles on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Word of mouth and referrals are also a great way to build your client base, so providing great service is also crucial to success.

Starting your own practice brings the freedom of doing things your way. It also brings several important factors that you’ll be directly responsible for, as well as other issues that you’ll need to manage through the people you hire. Make good customer service a priority and don’t overlook the small details.