Mannequins are easily the most viable option for displaying clothing that is as close as possible to actual human beings. A section of top-notch stores is usually cordoned off for mannequin-window display. This allows people to view the clothing from outside and make a judgment for themselves. If you’re a new shop owner, you might be on the lookout for mannequins.

However, purchasing one is not a walk in the park. It requires a great deal of research since mannequins are an exceptional marketing tool and induce customers to walk through that door. Survey studies have indicated that mannequins alone can kickstart growth in sales as high as 70%.

An extensive homework on the type of mannequins available in the market is a good way to get started.

Abstract mannequins: These are the kind of mannequins where the facial features are not carved. No makeup or wigs is used which allows customers to focus on the clothes. It doesn’t serve to distract them but emphasize on the clothing.

Headless mannequins: As the name suggests, these mannequins come without heads. This works great in stores that have low ceilings. It is made from fiberglass and comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes.

Adjustable mannequins: These mannequins are easily malleable as the body parts like legs and arms can be bent according to your preference. You can choose different poses each day and avoid buying multiple mannequins altogether. Mannequin vitrine Displetech provides a platform for young entrepreneurs to easily navigate through their options.

Plus-size mannequins: In an effort to be more inclusive, plus size mannequins are a conscientious attempt to comply with a larger audience. They provide customers with a more realistic view of clothing for obese women. They are full-figured and cater exclusively to larger women.

Pregnant mannequins: If you’re dealing in maternity clothing, then its absolutely vital to have pregnant mannequins. They usually come with a baby and the mothers have a tender expression. This will give expecting mothers a reason to buy clothes in your store.

Sexy mannequins: They are mostly employed for lingerie stores and adult shops. These are sculpted to perfection and have detachable limbs. They come in titillating and salacious poses in order to set the mood and bring shoppers to buy sexy apparel like bikini and sarongs.

Children mannequins: These are used for displaying children’s clothes, as young as infants, toddlers and up to the age of teenagers.