To sell more high-end products, you can use the member’s area of your training. You can offer membership to a closed club (Mastermind, for example) or places for a seminar. The price of this kind of product reaches several thousand euros. Your training could be sold for even more if you record these presentations and add big bonuses. With the present best platform for businesses, you can sell your training pieces for teaching skills in no time.

Tools to sell training

To sell your training online, there are many options available to you. For example, there are ready-to-use training platforms. This is the easiest solution if you are not yet a WordPress expert. It is, therefore, suitable for an activity in the process of starting up.

  • The platforms dedicated to distance learning provide you with a wide range of templates giving you the possibility to design all your pages in just a few clicks. In the following lines, you will find some examples of popular tools on the market.
  • With the coronavirus crisis, training organizations must suddenly rethink their face-to-face training to adapt them to distance constraints. But doing e-learning cannot be improvised. There is a strong temptation to organize Skype on Skype with its learners to reproduce the same conditions as face-to-face training. In reality, e-learning turns the way we learn upside down, and teachers have to adapt. You cannot stay focused the same way when you are alone in front of your computer, and the pedagogy of trainers must take this into account.


The first benefit that we can cite that online teaching is the flexibility offered. The course students can choose the time and place where they want to study according to what is most convenient. Still, it is possible to dilute the content in several days or take advantage of the weekend to update the material.


Another attraction of online education, without a doubt, is the price. As internet classes do not require physical space and teachers’ and instructors’ accompaniment, the modality ends up being substantially cheaper.

It is savings for the school, which does not need to spend on infrastructure and HR, and for students, who have access to quality content at a reduced price.


  • The dynamism present in online classes is another advantage that has attracted students’ attention from all over the world.
  • In general, teachers who teach by distance learning are more familiar with the technology, which allows them to be inserted in the lesson plan creatively.
  • Mainly because, here, all teaching is done over the internet, and this expands the range of resources and activities that can be put into practice.


If you believe that online teaching is impersonal or not very interactive, know that you are sadly mistaken. Also, you can teach your skills online now. Interactivity is strength, with moments specially reserved for the student to clear his doubts and ask questions.