Power washing is typically necessary when you need a quick wash for the exteriors of your house and do not want to spend a lot of money. Power washing is a way better option than normal cleaning, which is time-consuming, expensive, elaborate, and complex. But there are certain things you need to know about power washing. Some of them are:

Power Wash Vs Pressure Wash

Pressure wash basically uses heat to clean things. Hence interiors, decks, and other household items should not be cleaned using a pressure wash. A power wash is good for cleaning indoor items, whereas, a pressure wash is applicable for cleaning the exteriors of your house as bricks and concrete can easily withstand the heat generated in pressure washes.

Know What Not to Wash

It is very important to know what you should not wash with power wash because everything is not safe around that high pressure. Anything old and not solid enough like furniture, anything which is newly painted, wood items, sandstones, or asphalt roofing should not be washed with the high pressure and speed because it can be damaged.

Know the Size and Surface to be Cleaned

It is a key factor to know the size and surface to be cleaned. Though the cleaning that includes hot water is much more effective than using normal water, it may not be suitable for small and gentle surfaces. In that case, power washing is much more advisable to prevent any damage.

Power or Pressure Washing Can Be Dangerous

Though it may seem that the thin spray of water may not be very dangerous, it is actually quite harmful. The water sprayed through that shaft comes out nearly at 2000 pounds of force which is quite identical to that of a bullet. It has the ability to detach stone and concrete from their base and can rip apart plastic and glass. So, utmost care should be taken while handling power or pressure washing.

Know the Appropriate Time to Wash

The most appropriate time to wash is during the fall or autumn. Times, when there is extreme heat or extreme cold, is not an advisable time to power clean as it can severely damage and crack the exterior of the houses. 

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