Notaries’ primary duty is to serve as witnesses to document signings. These states appointed agents are primarily responsible for preventing fraud by ensuring that the person signing a document is who they say they are. Although you must purchase and ensure the security of your notary supplies, such as notary public stamps, you can use them both inside and outside the office.

Job Options

Most major companies, law firms and insurance companies have notaries on staff. For example, legal clients must sign documents frequently, and these document signings require a witness. Banks and government offices also require witnesses during document signing. If you are a notary, you can choose what industry you want to work in. Due to their high demand, having a Notary training course san marcos tx improves your resume.


Your notary status is not linked to a specific company. Therefore, you can act as a notary outside of a job or company. This means, you can either become self-employed or you can earn extra income outside work. Small businesses and medical facilities without notaries may contract your services.

You can increase your income by becoming a trained and certified professional notary signing agent and witness loan document signing in real estate transactions. NSAs are independent contractors hired by loan and title companies.

Finally, self-employed notaries set their own schedules.


Notaries set their own prices. Although most state provides fee guidelines, some states, such as Alaska, Massachusetts and Iowa, do not limit the amount you can charge for your notary service. This means that you can determine your income. You can even charge for travel to and from the signing location.


Notaries have no education or experience requirements. You only have to be 18 years of age to qualify.

If you are looking for a great opportunity for some extra income, consider becoming a notary.