The lockdown caused by the pandemic has crippled a lot of businesses worldwide. Working from home has been quite the adjustment, especially for remote employees working for regulated entities. One of the most common problems among employees has been cabin fever. This is pretty much inevitable as employees are forced to stay at home and remain isolated as companies prioritize their health first. To cope with this and all other problems during lockdown, here are some tips while working during this lockdown period.

  • Keep yourself motivated during work hours

Remote employees can play music while working to keep them motivated. Motivational speeches and videos can also help to keep the brain awake.

  • Dress appropriately for the job

Working from home can be more relaxed than the office setup leading to employees wearing just about anything they want. While this is not discouraged, it would help if employees were to dress for the job. This can boost productivity and affect one’s behavior positively.

  • Keep in touch with friends, loved ones, and the local community

The lockdown has undoubtedly been a stressful time for all of us. Keeping in touch with your loved ones can definitely help you de-stress, especially now that not many people are allowed to go out.

  • Stick to regulatory-compliant messaging solutions provided by the company

To avoid non-compliance, it is best if employees were to use company-provided communication means. This can also help in call monitoring and getting to capture voice calls.

For more working tips during the lockdown, check out this infographic by Telemessage.