Tractors are a necessity for farmers. Apart from improving efficiency, a tractor offers several benefits. Various companies produce this farming equipment. However, if you are looking for a reputed manufacturer, choose Mahindra Tractors. Here are three reasons that make Mahindra Tractors popular:

  • Versatile 

The company offers a wide range of tractor models, which are capable of performing several tasks. The tractors can perform simple functions like gardening to specialized farming activities. Moreover, Mahindra Tractors can combine other agriculture equipment like head loader, plow, and rotavator, among others.

  • Economical 

Price is a crucial factor, which affects the buying decision of Indian farmers. Mahindra Tractors provide many models at varying price ranges to suit the financial situation of every farmer in the country. The tractors may cost between INR 2.50 lakh to INR 12.50 lakh with essential accessories and features, which make farming and other activities easy and efficient.

  • Performance 

Mahindra Tractors deliver superior performance at cost-effective prices. The company allows farmers to maximize their farming activities at the least possible expenditure. Additionally, the tractors are suitable to work on different types of Indian terrains and are appropriate for various farming needs.

Apart from manufacturing well-known tractor models, Mahindra also provides tractor loan finance to purchase these machines. Mahindra Finance offers such loans with beneficial features like:

  • Quick and hassle-free approval and disbursal
  • Available for all types of tractors
  • Stress-free procedure; no need to mortgage land as additional collateral
  • Reasonable tractor loan interest rates
  • Customized loan amount based on the individual farmer’s requirements
  • Flexible repayment tenure between three months to five years
  • Wide network of branches along with the facility of online application
  • Versatile down payment based on borrowers’ needs and financial situation
  • Minimal tractor loan documents required, like income proof, know-your-customer (KYC), and land ownership details

Tractors make farming activities easier, faster, and more productive. Additionally, farmers can monetize these machines during the non-cropping season by renting them to earn extra income. Apart from agricultural activities, tractors are beneficial for other purposes, such as transporting, grain crushing, and moving other farming equipment like plows and rotavators.

Mahindra Finance offers excellent funding options for both new and used equipment. Check the tractor loan eligibility norms on the lender’s website and bring this farming companion home without any further delay.