Roll guards provide virtually any form of roll cradle or support for rolling up rolls in storage, shipping, and workplace processing, including custom and common sizes, recycled fibers, and foam. Among their features are:

  • Fibers, foams, and plastics
  • There are stock sizes as well as customized options to meet your needs

Packages for cylindrical rolls are often difficult to handle, as well as difficult to move. It is traditional for shipping departments to stack rolls alternately on top of wooden pallets in a triangle shape.

 This solution might resolve the overall problem of heavy, awkward product rolls, but it introduces several new ones in the process. As a pyramidal approach stack rolls directly on top of each other, friction during transportation occurs due to direct contact. When this happens, the product is often stressed and will arrive damaged to the customer – and this generally happens on more than one roll.

 A roll in a pyramidal shape will also not remain on a pallet unless it is secured with tie-downs. That requires time and materials.

 Roll guards and cradles provide superior safety and better control when transporting products while also optimizing freight and storage. 

Various applications can be served by fiber roll cradles. In transit, the material can be used to protect against moisture and provide cushioning without compromising integrity.. In addition, with our third-party certifications, they can support their sustainable commitments. 

 Roll cradles from us: why choose them? 

There are very few packaging cradles available on the market that are accredited. They are constructed from 100% recycled material. Our cradles are lightweight and inexpensive while offering superior cushioning and durability. 

 Fiber roll cradles from us come in numerous styles and sizes to fit your unique business and product requirements. Below you will find a listing of all of some off-the-shelf products. For optimal results, these packaging solutions can be customized specifically for your projects; you may reach the manufacturer directly, too.

  • Packaging and unloading rolled goods can be made faster and more cost-effective.
  • Other packaging materials, such as foam, take up more floor space than cradles.
  • In the case of rolled goods, less packaging material is required.
  • When compared to the pyramiding method, it allows you to stack rolled goods on pallets in a way that maximizes truck trailer height to reduce outbound freight costs.
  • Transport of rolled goods is safe since the cradle is firmly secured
  • Appealing to the eye
  • The cradles are environmentally friendly because they are manufactured from recycled pulp that can be disposed of together with other paper and cardboard items