Choosing the right company name is usually at the very beginning of a business idea and is a momentous decision. The name is rarely changed afterwards, because the disadvantages of changing the name are very great. In this article I would like to give you some tips that pay off when choosing company names in combination with domain names. How do I find a good name and what should I look out for?

  1. Short and memorable

Your company name ought to be as petite as possible. Google, Yahoo or Facebook have two syllables, some other company names usually three. Memorable for me means that when speaking, you should know how to write it. Because many potential customers enter your company name afterwards on Google and then it should be easy to understand. If you don’t plan to expand to the United States immediately, think of typical Indian users and avoid English names or names that you don’t know how to pronounce straight away.

  1. Keyword domain? Yes but…

Anyone who sells air mattresses has good chances with the domain Keyword domains still have a small ranking advantage on Google, but it is constantly decreasing. Many entrepreneurs (and SEOs) believe that the keyword should definitely appear in the domain name. But that is definitely not the case. As soon as it is no longer the “pure” keyword domain, the advantage of the keyword is almost completely gone.

  1. A .in domain? A must-have in my opinion!

It is even worse if you take the keyword domain but not a .in domain. Some then take the .com, .net, .info, .biz or .org version to have a cheap keyword domain. Or there are the “exotic domains” with new domain extensions (.shop or .edu). While I think that the .com domain can still be represented in some areas, I think that one should refrain from all other endings. Why? Well, if you don’t get the .in domain in your area, then someone else already has it. And this someone will benefit the more from your awareness, the better known you make your company. Even worse: sooner or later he / she can become a competitor or one of your competitors buys the domain name and then has the .in version of your company name.

  1. No hyphens, no numbers – and umlauts?

My firm belief is that numbers and hyphens in many cases make the company name sound “cheap” somehow. Avoid dashes and numbers as much as possible. Usually you only access it if you actually want “the” keyword domain for your topic, but it is already taken. Instead of that domain, you will get the similar one with numbers or hyphens. In my view, it is better to completely do without the keyword in the name before using the,

With umlaut domains you should have all possible versions. Then nothing really speaks against it. If you don’t have the corresponding counterpart, you have to expect a competitor to buy the domain. It is the same with hyphens. If you register your domain, then register typing versions, umlauts, and hyphens.

  1. Fantasy names? Perfect for branding

I’ve become a fan of fancy names. Why? Because you can very well establish a brand with it. Bose, Dell, Burger, Boss, Porsche, Mercedes or Rolex: They are all fantasy terms or surnames of well-known luxury manufacturers, which of course attach great importance to branding. And that works best with a proper name.

  1. Brand name: Check and then enter it yourself!

With a fantasy name, you should definitely do an extensive trademark search before registering. You can find out whether trademark protection already exists for a term on the website of the Indian Patent and Trademark Office. A Google search can also be very helpful, because it prevents you from connecting an international brand with your brand name.

  1. Fantasy name with connotation: a good duo!

The best way to find a company name is as follows: You take a part of the word and fill it with the keyword or meaning that has to do with what the company does. The second half of the name makes up the imagination. 

  1. Buy domains

Most domains that are only reasonably good are already taken. Many have been registered by professional domain dealers. Most domains, however, go over the counter for only a few hundred dollars. The best way to buy domains is through online or tries a direct purchase. However, if you are not familiar with the domain purchase, you should probably still use online websites like godaddy or bigrock, even if the domain is not offered there or you simply can use a Business Name Generator. Their domain broker service is quite good and works much like a real estate agent.  

So if you want to get a beautiful business name then it is obligatory to follow these tips before deciding on one.