Promotional gifts can be a wasteful vogue; the recent ban on plastic bags or straws in restaurants and stores has made people think about eco-friendly products. In case you want to project your brand in an environmental way, while minimising landfill usage, these green items can help you. 

Ecological and green solutions are the leading source for many customised promotional products. You can find many companies taking this socially and environmentally approach to promote their services or products. Recognizing your effort of limiting plastic usage and creating less waste, here are some items that assist you in reducing waste. The below listed environmentally conscious promo products are great for holiday seasons or trade shows or any other occasions.  

Tote bags 

Whether it’s for grocery shopping or running errands, having an extra tote bag in pocket during billing is the perfect answer to avoid the question: “plastic or paper bag?” The totes bags are available in a range of styles, such as button, pocket or zipper and you can choose the any type as per your perforce to keep valuables safe.

Reusable bags

Since majority of regions have banned single-use plastic bags, carrying a reusable cloth bag is becoming a necessity. These bags are hit among the eco conscious people.  

Reusable water bottles

Yet another approach to avoid disposable cups or single-use plastic cups is by utilising reusable drink ware and water bottles. There are endless choices available in different colors and sizes to best fit your style preference. You can also gift insulated copper bottles to keep drinks for cold 48 hours and hot for 12 hours. These bottles are lightweight, collapsible for easy transportation.

Reusable straws

The “skip the straw” thought is taken seriously by people of all ages. It’s an effort to save sea creatures and turtles that are being harmed by waste that people put in the ocean and beaches, accidently or intentionally. To make people get rid of plastic straws, alternative approach has been found in the form of stainless steel and silicone straw. Keep the straws clean after use in a cotton carrying case for future purpose.  

You can consider any of these ecological products as promotional gifts. These organic, eco-friendly and energy-saving items featuring your brand name and logo, helps to save our environment. Concept Plus produits promotionnels are sure to enhance your brand and check out their eco-friendly products that are perfect for your green marketing goals.