It seems that no matter how much we upgrade our PC’s (or laptop’s) storage we never have enough for our favorite media files. Whether our machine is packed with tons of games or programs, the drives start shining red every couple of weeks.

If you’re having this kind of problem, we present to you the Photostick – a simple, portable device that allows you to easily locate and store thousands and thousands of clips and photos on it.

What is Photostick?

A couple of decades ago, photographers used to haul dozens of pieces of cumbersome gear in trucks in order to take a couple of snapshots. Crude designs were luckily replaced with more compact solutions, but these once innovative gadgets were imperfect – they couldn’t process and store media on built-in banks unlike modern-day cameras.

Digital cameras almost completely removed nostalgic photo cameras from use and seemed like an ideal solution to pretty much every problem the former presented. However, the memory storage of digital cameras is limited, which led most people to storing their photos and films to devices that were better-equipped, such as computers and laptops.

Now, that’s where another strain of problems took roots. PCs sometimes crash, eradicating all current and unsaved progress. Worse yet, if the hard drive burns out for whatever reason, those pictures and clips are gone for good. The answer to this problem came in the form of Photostick.

In essence, Photostick is an upgraded form of USB flash drive that boasts extra features while retaining the same functionalities as a typical flash stick. It is capable of rapidly locating lost photos, as well as files stored in so-called ‘hidden folders’.

How does it work?

One of the best things about Photostick is the fact that it’s meant to be used in the same way as a typical USB flash stick. All you need to do is power your device on (PC or laptop) and insert it into any compatible USB slot.

You should then wait for your PC to identify it and ‘run’ it from the pop-up window. The scanning process is completely automatic, just like the creation of backups.

How many files can it hold?

The quantity of photos or videos your Photostick can store depends on the model you’ve picked. This neat little device is available in 8 gigabytes, 64 gigabytes, and 128 gigabytes. The 8-gigabyte variant can stock up 3,500 photos; the 64-gigabyte variant can hold up to 30,000 photos while the 128-gigabyte model offers enough space for approximately 60,000 photos.

Where can Photostick be used?

Another benefit you could reap from using Photostick is the fact that it works practically anywhere; it is compatible with most types of computers and laptops, and it does not need any external software to be used.

More precisely speaking, Photostick is supplied with its own proprietary program that is automatized and capable of scanning, locating, and moving your files from your PC onto its own memory, along with the backups of those files.