When you have too much stuff in your closets and can’t squeeze one more thing in there, it may be time for a garage sale. You don’t have to look for sales consulting firms Georgia to have a lucrative sale. You just need to know the items that bring the most money.

Picture Frames

Picture frames can take up a lot of room. When they don’t fit your decor anymore, why not sell them? Interior decorators use them empty as a focal point on a wall or mantle. DIYers can use them for a variety of projects. Based on condition and size, you could get anywhere from $5 to $25 per frame.

Single-Use Appliances

That rice cooker or sous vide circulator seemed like something you would often use when you bought it. And then it sat on your counter for three years untouched. Channel your inner Elsa and let it go.

Old Games

Believe it or not, those old games shoved into the back of your closet are worth some bucks. An old Lite Bright can get you up to $75. If you really get lucky and run across a very rare Nintendo World Championships Gold Cartridge game, you could resell it for around $100,000.


One of the most popular things at yard sales is furniture. Particularly wooden furniture. People love to paint it, sand it and repurpose it. If you are tired of your old furniture, sell it and get something else with the money.


Look for high-end names like Le Creuset and Pyrex. Their retail price is high for a reason. These items are made to last, and if you can find them in a garage sale, grab them fast. There are many people still using their grandmother’s Pyrex bowls today.


Sometimes, those “interesting” works of art can turn out to be valuable. One woman bought an ugly painting at a garage sale for next to nothing. She later hired an art expert upon the advice of a friend and went on to sell the original Jackson Pollock painting at auction for $50 million.


Yes, those irritating little blocks that have caused numerous parents to shout expletives after stepping on a forgotten piece can go fast in a sale.  Kids love them, and parents love that they stay busy building their creations.

The next time you are tempted to throw out unused items from your bulging closets, think again. A nice day sitting in the yard could end up giving you back some room in your house and netting you some cash at the same time.