What is the tax return, what happens in the event of a late return, the return forms and suggestions for preparing it online?

The tax return is the accounting document that allows citizens, as taxpayers, to communicate their income (i.e. their income) to the tax authorities and at the same time allows them to make the payments of taxes on such income, taking into account the tax bases and the tax rates that are envisaged. Form 730 is the tool that, duly completed, allows you to submit your tax return.

The late tax return

There is talk of a late tax return if it is filed after the deadline. If, on the other hand, more than ninety days pass from this date, one has to do with an omitted tax return. Remedying within this period of time is carried out the so-called industrious repentance, which simply involves the payment of a small default. In the event that the return is not presented, or if it is done after more than ninety days, there is a risk of incurring an administrative sanction between 120 and 240% if the taxpayer fails to present it, or an administrative sanction included between 60 and 120% if the return is submitted within the terms of the return for the following year. Attention must also be paid to the so-called unfaithful statement, for which there are penalties of between 250 and 1000 euros. You can make use of the tax refund estimator in this case.

The Beginning

Starting from 1 January 2019, the failure to submit the tax return for the purpose of evasion provides for a period of imprisonment ranging from one year and six months to four years, taking into account that the criminal offense is triggered only beyond a threshold of 50 thousand euros with reference to individual taxes, and not therefore to the sum of VAT.

Tax return and VAT number

The tax return for those with a VAT number is not presented with the 730 form but with the Single Model. Within the Single Model, all revenues that were received during the previous tax year must be reported, whether it is self-employment income that requires a VAT number, whether it is business income, or whether it is any other type of income other than those for which the 730 is used.

For the Employees

If you also have a job as an employee, in addition to the VAT number, you should also fill in the relative fields: to do this, the employer provided the CUD. In this regard, it is good to remember that the Single Model must be completed even if the employer is not required to carry out the withholding tax, even if you have resided outside the Italian territory for more than two years and even if the Taxation declaration has been submitted.