What do you feel when you hear about cats? Well, cute, funny, and so affectionate. But did you ever believe that there are also cats that save the lives of others and become heroes? Well, they exist, and they only exist in Mobile games and movies. Let me introduce you to an awesome game play in which a super cat exists. Super Phantom Cat is a retro-casual platform game that increases the user’s interest in playing the game. This is a 2D game play, but the graphics and the features make the users play it over and over again. So, let us talk about the super cat world along with the amazing features of the app. 

This is a nice game that control its speed by tapping the back of phone. You can install this game on any Android phone using these app store Play Store, AC Market and Aptoide. There is a separate version of Android TV boxes. Make sure to use game controller to play this game. You can use Filelinked, Aptoide TV or your default TV store to install this game on your TV box.

Features of Super Phantom Cat you’ll fell in love with

  • You should play the role of the cat in order to save the child who’s trapped.
  • There are many challenges to win and obstacles to be backed out.
  • You can change yourself in to any number of characters using the coins you collected to the runway. You are able to change your character in to all the powerful super phantom cats in the game.
  • You should be very skillful since you will get challenges like jumping and bounce on a monster’s head and reach a place that is dangerous and difficult. For rapid jumps and other skillful movements, you will be rewarded more coins. There will also be massive chasms across, and you should be very careful when doing such movements.
  • You should be hundred percent careful and skillful when it comes to winning and backing out challenges and obstacles.
  • There are modern twists for retro platformers along with a quirky plot.
  • You will be able to hear a chiptune soundtrack while you play the game. This will be awesome since you can play the game with background music.
  • Super Phantom Cat bears clean yet colorful 2D graphics, which make the users feel more interesting in playing the game.
  • The gameplay supports touch screens, so there’s no problem with the gesture controls. You can do them using your fingers.
  • You can customize the controls according to your likes and dislikes.
  • When you win difficult challenges, you will be rewarded with bonus levels.
  • There are characters you can unlock using your coins and stuff. There are character ranges from a cute chicken to a vicious vampire and everything in between.
  • You will be provided two special IAPs in order to get energy drinks and unlock special characters. Use those IAPs and unlock your most favorite character.
  • With Super Phantom Cat’s latest updates, they have provided you another option called ‘Ready for Battle.’
  • Using the above Email, Facebook, and Twitter account, you can give ideas to improve the mobile application.


The game play Super Phantom Cat is offered by Veewo Games and has officially released on the 26th of April 2016. There are more than 1 million downloads to the application up to now. All you got to do is save the child from the trap and bring him home. Cats on board! Meow! Meow! Purr!