Business marketing has come a long way. The standard billboards are nowhere to be seen, and companies are spending huge on digital billboards, placed strategically across important locations. While using tech for your marketing needs sound great on paper, is it worth the hype? Digital signage has paybacks & advantages that are hard to ignore. To add to that, there is an extensive range of products to choose from. Canadian companies like Nummax have all sorts of display signage, from interactive touchscreen kiosks to LED signs. Check some of the pros and cons listed below. 

The advantages

  • Instant customer engagement is probably the biggest payback of digital signage. You can place a bright billboard on the highway and expect to get seen, without a doubt. Similarly, kiosks allow for customer interaction at a personal level. Instead of just a regular ad on the TV, you allow prospective buyers/consumers to know your brand better.
  • As far as returns on investment is concerned, digital signage is cost-effective. You need to spend once, and the contents of your signage can be updated and changed regularly, without any additional help. With changing campaigns and branding needs, your digital signage can be used in different ways. 
  • Data also shows that digital signage can encourage impulse buying, especially when placed strategically. When you place an LED sign close to a point of sale, a customer is more likely to try or buy a product. It is like glitter for marketing. 
  • Let’s not forget that digital signage works for almost every industry. No matter whether you have a healthcare facility, or a pizzeria, you can use LED signs, kiosks, and other products to create buzz around your brand. Such displays are in high demand in the retail sector, where brands know the value of getting ‘seen’. 

On the flip side

There is an upfront cost involved in getting digital signage for your brand. For many small companies, this could be a bummer of sorts. The best step in that context would be to invest gradually. Also, high-end signage may cost a tad more, but is worth paying for. You can expect brands to offer warranty on their products for one year or more. 

Choosing the right kind of digital signage is as imperative. Find a manufacturer with more options, and seek their opinions on how their products can help your marketing goals. You need flexible signage that can be used and repeated as needed.