One of the most significant challenges of owning a business is staying top of the current and emerging trends. It’s no longer enough to rely on traditional (sometimes dated) business practices to be profitable.

The cleaning industry these days has indeed become more innovative and is changing the way business owners and companies manage their organization and conduct day-to-day tasks.

You might be rolling your eyes, thinking, “I’m not interested in trends,” and while it’s true that trends do come and go, it’s crucial that you have a solid understanding of the market. That way, you’ll gain relevant insight into how you can make necessary changes to your business to remain competitive.

That’s why, in this post, we’ll discuss the top nine office cleaning trends industry trends:

1. Green cleaning

One of the top commercial cleaning trends is green cleaning. Green cleaning has undoubtedly gained a lot of buzz over the last couple of years. So much so, that it has also transformed our business practice at Maid Sailors Office Cleaning Services NYC, and has transformed itself into a business practice that is necessary.

In its most basic form, green cleaning is a type of cleaning wherein quality standards have to be met so that it significantly reduces the harmful impact of cleaning activities (both to humans and the environment.)

The practice includes:

  • Using green cleaning products.
  • Applying green cleaning procedures.
  • Executing a scientific approach to cleaning.

2. Low maintenance equipment

A business owner’s mindset will always want to get more for less. However, that can be difficult, especially if you have a cleaning equipment that is prone to breaking down.

While it’s almost impossible to stop these machines from withering away, you can still minimize their impact.

So, it’s crucial that you first do your research and find out what are the tools that are the most reliable. These tools should also cost less in terms of maintenance and repair.

3. Specialized services

HVAC, window, floors, carpet cleaning, and other specialized cleaning services would mean more profits from existing customers.

People these days want to find a company that offers them one-stop shopping. So, the more services that you provide your clients at affordable rates, the higher will be your revenue.

4. Automated administrative services

Do you know that cloud-based software these days can automate payroll and other administrative data that may cause a lot of burdens? When you choose to minimize the heavy-lifting, it will save you and your team more time and effort.

5. Better hiring and training practices

Most cleaning companies lose more than half of their clients due to poor cleaning practices. That’s why, at this point, it’s crucial to adopt a hire better and train a better mindset.

A common misconception of some is that you don’t have to be skilled enough to work for a commercial cleaning company. That as long as you show up, and use the cleaning products provided, the work would turn out satisfactory. But take note that the best practices, techniques, and most commercial cleaning products continuously change.

While it’s easy to rush in filling out vacant positions in your company and getting employees in action, it’s not worth losing nearly half of your revenues. When you learn to invest in hiring and training better employees, you’ll be getting the results that you want.

Also, training is a non-negotiable aspect ‒ it is necessary. Commercial cleaning companies that facilitate highly effective training programs for their employees will be the ones that rise on top at the end of the day.

6. Focusing on account retention

Aside from improving on hiring and training, you also need to focus on account retention. With more than half of your clients to lose, the stakes are high. Doing so can work wonders in the overall revenue of your company.

Ideally, figure out what your customers want and need and so you can give them the exceptional service they’re looking for.

7. Don’t underestimate the power of social media

These days, people are more likely to shop with a company whom they can message directly. So, be active and respond to queries as soon as you can on social media. When you start receiving and responding to messages on your company’s business page on social media such as Facebook, customers can message you directly and start conversations with you.

Instagram is another useful tool when it comes to selling to old and up-and-coming customers. You can try your hand on different marketing strategies that work well for you such as hashtags, stories, and location tags.

If you’re running a sale or a promotion, you can post it on your site and all your social media accounts. Remember that Google pays attention to those things. So the next time that someone is looking for sales in your area using it, there’s a high chance that your deal will show up on the search engine.

8. Expanding territories

Expanding and building a profitable business out of it may not apply to everyone, but many others are looking towards expanding on a regional or national level. So if this is within your reach, why not consider expanding territories?

9. Giving back to the community

Hosting contests, giveaways, volunteering to the community, giving donations to charity, and sponsoring a local charity event are highly effective ways wherein you can show everyone that you also care about them and the world. It’s an excellent way to use your business to make a change and make the world a much better place to live in.

Wrapping It Up

So that’s it! Those are the cleaning trends that have the most impact.

Keep in mind that the commercial cleaning industry is continually changing, and those that rise above their competitors are the ones who are brave enough to face change, and continuously innovate.

Just like any other field that exists today, the ones who know how to adapt their technologies and cleaning services to every changing need of customers will be the ones who succeed.