With the growing trend of products and services delivered to you in almost all categories, Home shifting services or delivery of essential goods is not out of the blue. We usually look for ways to minimize the efforts in the logistic operations, especially from a business point of view, because delivering the products to all the customers at the right time matters the most. Various delivery services can ease the task with minimum cost and fast services.

There are different situations where we can avail the benefits of these apps;

1. Delivery Speed:

Same day deliveries are essential. Whether you forgot an important file at your office or want to send a home-cooked meal to your loved ones, this is possible simply with a few clicks on your smartphone. Also, if you want to rent mini vehicles or huge lorries to help you shift your entire household, then you can book one using these apps.

These apps are equipped with an extensive fleet of vehicles, such as two-wheeler, Tata Ace Helper, 407, Pickup Truck, etc.

2. Size of Package:

With these proactive intercity delivery apps, you need not worry about the size and weight of your delhivery because whether it is a box of sweets you want to send or your favourite bike needs to be delivered from the warehouse. They have it all covered.

3. Door-to-door pick-up:

With their express courier service, sending documents and small courier packages is child’s play because all you need to do is share your location and specify the item to be sent. Their delivery partners will reach your place, collect everything, and deliver it safely to the specified location while being tracked by you with the GPS navigation technique.

4. Cost-effective:

Delivery apps like Porter are functional in almost all the major cities, helping many small-scale businesses to run smoothly. Therefore, they incur charges that are bearable for all types of customers. We all are aware of the difficulties we face in traveling small distances in big cities. Factors like saving time and avoiding painful traffic convince users to pay a fair amount.

Most online platforms like Porter strive for a fast courier service and secure and guaranteed delivery within a limited period. Somehow, they have managed to pull it off decently till now. It is evident from the steep growth such businesses are showing, which is possible because of our digitization phase.

Delivery management software has reduced the heavy lifting of such start-ups by streamlining the entire operations through their systematic algorithms. These mover and packer apps like Porter are designed in such an excellent way that they can optimize the routes, making route planning easier and allocating drivers accordingly.

Using these apps has simplified the task of maintaining the sender’s and receiver’s data primarily because they are fully automated to log all the required data in a proper database. Once the label is photographed and sent by the delivery man, it gets stored in the received slot of the database. All these technological developments, one after the other, solve the purpose of easing out our daily chores, but still, we always have the option to explore and execute these tasks on our own.