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There arises a need for shipping your car when you are moving to other state for job or you buy or sell your car or sending a car to your kid who is studying in the other state and like so. There are so many companies that provide car transporting services and you need to choose the best one who will transport your car safely.

Now you can have your vehicle delivered anywhere in Tennessee with peace of mind. Shipping cost varies depending on the vehicle, model, weight etc., and whether do they provide enclosed or open transport carriers. Any company will provide you their quotes for free. Depending on quotes and reviews you will be choosing the one whom you trust.

If you are looking for New Jersey auto transport services, Ship a Car, Inc. can do it for you anywhere to or from New Jersey. You are guaranteed of the best services from their experienced professionals at fair rates. They have a wide network of carriers and you will find it easy to work with them throughout the entire process of shipping.

Before you ship your car, you will want to know some information regarding that.

Here we cover important tips that you need to know.


You may wonder how much will it cost you to ship your vehicle from New Jersey to anywhere in Tennessee. On an average, the car shipping companies charge ~$1 per mile for a maximum of 500 miles.

New Jersey is a north eastern state of the US and includes major cities Trenton, Newark, and Jersey City. Whereas, Tennessee which is a southeastern region of the US has major cities including Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville.

From New Jersey to Tennessee there is approximately 822 miles. Usually, you will get a drop in the cost when it is above 500 miles. So, it may cost you somewhere around ~$950 for shipping.

From the company’s website you can easily get the free quote online to know exactly how much they will charge. You will have to specify the zip code of pick-up and delivery point.

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Transit Time

Usually, an expert driver can cover 500 miles in a day. So, you can expect the delivery in somewhere between three to five days depending on the pick-up and delivery point. If you need your vehicle on a particular date, you have the option of express auto transport service where you get the delivery within three days.

Enclosed or Open Carriers?

When you need to ship heavy vehicle or luxury ones like Rolls or Jaguar, you can book enclosed carriers that provides great care and added safety to your car. Otherwise, you can rely on the open carriers that can do your shipping in a safe way.

No Household Items

If you have the idea of shipping some of your household items along with your vehicle, then you need to know it is prohibited by Department of Transportation. They will fine the transporter if found carrying the household items. It will also help the driver to record the condition of your vehicle and do accurate paper work.

With these in mind you can now shop around and choose the company that provides the best customer service.