Many people do not understand the difference between MQL and SQL and most of them find it as a very complex concept because of the language. So, in simple words an MQL is a lead/customer who is just deciding to buy and not have purchased the products from your company website. Whereas, a SQL is a lead/customer the sales team to further close the deal or crack the deal with them can pursue who has decided to purchase the product from your company website and that lead. The full form of MQL is marketing qualified lead. An MQL can be called as a lead that is qualified and sensible who is a lead that has seen your company’s content offers and has interacted with the sales team of your office.

MQL and SQL –

Nevertheless, the only difference is that MQL lead has not yet decided or made a move to purchase your products. Besides that, an SQL is a sales qualified lead. It is one such kind of lead or customer who has decided to buy the products from your company’s website or company and made the decisions, collected the data and so on. In simple words, an SQL can also be called as a potential customer. If in your sales team you search or get a SQL then it can happen that there are high chances that your sales team can convince the SQL and turn them into a buying customer. Now, several companies are there that want the customers for their products and want their sales to be high and get profit in the market, but when they actually get the customers or the leads who visit their company website they don’t know what to do.

Inbound Methodology –

Some of the companies are there who are not even bothered about whether they get leads or not. It is because they do not know how to pursue the leads online, how to have an online chatting provision where the company can reach the customers visiting their site and so on. It is only when the leads visit your website then the inbound or incoming methodology comes into play. In addition, this methodology can help or assist both the team’s sales team and marketing teams. Besides that, it is very common that the sales team has the responsibility of nurturing the leads all the way in the process of sales or until the time the sales process is complete. This is where having the help of a recommended marketing agency can really help you increase your conversion, sales and revenue.

Differences between MQL vs. SQL –

For example, a car company, when a lead visits them and collects the information but has not yet decided to buy is a MQL. When that particular leads shows the intentions of buying then it becomes a SQL. And, in between there is a lot of process involved. Some of the differences between MQL vs. SQL are the intentions of the customer and first time visitor and second time visitor. These are some of the common differences between the MQL and SQL. The major is the incoming sales process that puts a focus on the MQL and SQL. With the help of MQL and SQL differences, you can enhance your company’s ROI.