There are many benefits and opportunities that come with buying a piece of land outside a busy city.  These benefits could be financial benefits or social benefits that every human desire to experience at least once in their lifetime.

Unlike buying a house in a city, there is more flexibility since you can design and build a house that best matches your dream home.

Below are some of the benefits of acquiring suburb lands:

Access enough space to build your home

There is very high house congestion in the city, which has also resulted in the development of slums. Suburb areas offer a space to build your desire house with your preferred design. Also, you can make expansion of your house whenever you need it.

Are you someone who loves eating fresh produce from the farm? You can build as well a greenhouse to plant vegetables. If you love animals like cows, you can keep them all on your farm.

Have the opportunity to build your preferred design

Unlike properties in urban centers where design well define and all the structures within the area must be followed. Owning property outside CBD is a good idea if you have a preferred and unique taste of the house you intend to build.

You don’t need to seek approvals from departments of planning and development, thus saving yourself time and money.

Price is always right

Land outside a central business district is often affordable to acquire and terms of transactions are often flexible.

Your role only is to look for a real estate company that knows the area and has plots at an ideal location.

Fewer restrictions to deal with

Generally, plots or land outside a city have lesser rules and restrictions from the ministry of planning. Most states do not have zoning restrictions for properties being developed in those areas.

Leveling up your health and peace of mind

The highly populated city tends to be polluted, full of noise and infectious diseases like COVID 19 is common. if you are looking for a place to build a home and enjoy a cool life, then acquiring land in the upcountry is the best idea as you will enjoy living in a free polluted environment.

Even though there are great benefits that come with acquiring real estate property in upcountry there are some of the challenges that are tied to it.

Social challenges:  Are you a person that loves spending time with friends or your kids can’t go a day without going out to meet their friends? Upcountry will pose a great challenge for you and it might put you in depression.

Challenges with utilities: Water, electricity, gas are not easily accessible in some areas, you will be lucky to find some in your neighborhood. In some cases, you will have to have private arrangements that you will cost you some extra money.

Living in upcountry is needs proper planning as it involves some travelling. Unlike in the city where you can walk into a supermarket, and get your items.

In conclusion, properties in suburban areas are ideal for people seeking to build a home at an affordable price and feel the taste of rural lives in the city.