With many surveys conducted one of the most popular App’s in the world are Gaming Apps. With time limitations people all over the world engage themselves in their favourite way of bringing in relaxation with fun, by engaging in gaming.

The ultimate adventure game is on with the ACTION SHOOTER App. Here’s a brief on the endless excitement and thrills it will give all its players.

Johnny Trigger Game play

HERO: is a secret agent who will dare to take any target baring all risks to him. He is the one and only Johnny Trigger. Once on the job he will only turn his back after completing the mission on hand.

TARGETS:  The Mafia dealing in drug trafficking endangering the lives of the innocent from kids onwards. Need high intelligence to discreetly bust the ring. Johnny Trigger got all the intelligence and the skills to effectively take on this challenge. Hostages held for ransom. Johnny needs to be extra careful here. The terrorists got to be eliminated with no harm caused to the innocent hostages been held. And here’s what makes the game exciting. In case any harm is caused to a hostage the gamer needs to restart from the beginning. So, the gamer got to concentrate and be skilful in action.

ACTION UNLIMITED: No target is easy. So, use the best techniques to get ‘em. Try trickshotting by having enough ammunition in your gun to make more than one shoot. Comes handy to give chase to the target and shoot ‘em down. With ricochets explosions make Johnny skilfully shoot to a close by wall or similar object where the target is and surprise the target unawares.

WEAPONS: Select the most appropriate and suitable weapons to fight the enemy. On offer are superguns, auto rifles, pistols, smg’s, VIP guns, base guns, bundle guns – what more for the asking? With such a wide selection success is guaranteed fighting the enemies. Just get on with the mission Johnny.

BASEROOMS: With no less than 10 of them and the keys available to unlock each of them these could be turned into super hideaways. Make them luxurious to be comfortable and take on the enemy.

STUNNING: Amazingly great soundtracks and graphics to relax are there after getting rid of the enemy. Chill after mission accomplished.

With ACTION SHOOTER once you start no player will dare to leave the mission unaccomplished. So much of excitement, kills and thrills will keep the gamer glued all along. 

Gone are the days of one dreaming to imitate one’s favourite secret agent like 007 Mr Bond, James Bond.  With the ACTION SHOOTER the gamer is none other than the famous and feared secret agent of modern times Johnny Trigger. Go ahead get the ACTION SHOOTER App and start on those enemy targets to make this world safer. Guaranteed to raise the adrenaline levels to the maximum. Keep playing the best!

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Download Johnny Trigger Android Apk

You have to use App store, in order to download Johnny Trigger Android game. Because using an app store will guarantee safe app download and future updates. Here we are using AC Market app store. Because AC Market is the only Android app store that offer apps and games for free. First download and install latest version of AC Market apk. Then go to search and type this app name. You will be able to install any Android app or game for free. Freely install Johnny Trigger game on your Windows 11 computer using AC Market Windows app.