All objects, even your office chair casters, eventually break or wear down. One fateful day, you will feel a wobble in your office chair as you roll it around or you’ll be unable to roll it around at all as one or more of the casters have broken or worn down. If these or any number of other situations happen, you should consider replacing your office chair’s casters. You will find step-by-step directions on how to replace office chair casters below.

Remove the Casters

First, to give yourself easy access to your office chair’s casters, turn the office chair upside down. Try to twist each caster to see if the stems are threaded (screw-on) and, if it moves, screw each threaded caster out. If your casters won’t unscrew, then it’s likely that your office chair is equipped with grip stem casters. If this is the case, you will have to spray a lubricating oil (such as WD-40) around the casters’ stem and then pull them out. In the case that either caster type won’t move, try using a screwdriver or small pry bar as leverage to force it out. 

Choose the Replacement Casters

Once you have removed your office chair’s casters, it’s time to measure them, check their type, and take notes carefully so that you can purchase the best replacements. Measure the length of the caster’s stem and the diameter of the caster’s wheel and check whether each castor’s stem is a grip or threaded (screw-on) stem. Also, consider problems that you’ve been facing with your current caster wheels or new abilities that you want your caster wheels to have. For example, if your casters didn’t last a satisfactory amount of time, consider replacing them with heavy duty caster wheels dallas tx.

Install the Replacement Casters

Once you have selected your replacements, purchased them, and brought them back to the office, it’s time to install them. For a caster with a threaded stem, you must screw the caster back into place. Remembering the old adage ‘lefty loosey righty tighty’ can help you know which direction to turn the caster. If your caster has a grip stem, you must push the stem in. If doing this proves difficult, you can use a rubber mallet and some lubricant to force the stem in. When you’ve finished with these steps, you can turn your office chair back over, sit down, and enjoy that smooth new caster feel.