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Waterhog mat is gaining more popularity in recent times. Nowadays, this mat is used in both residential and commercial places. The Waterhog rug is highstandard for the wet-weather condition. The waterhog mats are eco-friendly, ideal for the high-traffic area because they will remain flat in often handling. This mat is the best investment for commercial space, where people frequently track in water on their slips. However, a Waterhog floor rug can absorb more than one gallon of water per square yard.

Things to bear in mind when choosing a Waterhog mat

Choosing the Waterhog mar can be a bit challenging task. This mat is available in different colors, sizes, and designs. You need to select the right carpet which is for your requirements. When it comes to buying the Waterhog rug, you should consider important factors. The following are some tips to choose the perfect Waterhog mat:

  • It is essential to determine the foot traffic before choosing the rug. The Waterhog mat is made up of recycled plastic fiber, which makes it crush-proof. The longer mat is the perfect choice for the heavy traffic area.
  • You want the carpet to perform the dirty work. The entryway rug collects the dirt, dust, and moisture from the foot traffic before entering the workspace or home. You want the Waterhog to give the secure space for the employees and consumers to assemble. Determining the reason for using the floor mat aids you decide which type of waterhog matsyou require.
  • Before buying the Waterhog, you need to measure the entranceway. The floor mat should cover at least more than eight percent of the space. You need to ensure the door has the clearance to close and open appropriately with the rug. However, you can select the slim-lined Waterhog design for your entryway.
  • The Waterhog rug is available in different colors. Based on your needs, you can select the perfect shade which suits your floor. For the heavy traffic area, the dark color mat is the best choice. You can also ask for help from a consultant and choose the right carpet for your commercial or residential space.
  • The depth of the mat needs to hold two steps. The individual must step on the carpet before exiting or entering the shop. Second, it let the rug effectively scrape debris, dirt, and dust from the customer slipper before entering.

You can buy the best Waterhog mat by considering these aspects, which perfectly suits your interior décor.

Reason to use Waterhog mat

If you install the waterhog mats, it protects your floor against slip accidents. Investing in the floor mat creates not only a safe environment but also reduces unwanted expenses. There are many floor mats in the market, but the Waterhog is the top choice among people due to its benefits. Every carpet comes with the attractive swirl pattern that removes debris and water in the shoe. It means that the office floor is protected from injury. The mat has an anti-static property that does not fade quickly.