Some job seekers wonder: I don’t have two years of experience. Can I apply for sales jobs that require two years of experience? Am I immediately disqualified?

Congratulations! Sales careers don’t require any prior experience. It’s a field that welcomes go-getters of all types and levels of experience. Newbies just need to put in the work required.

There are a number of reasons why this career is appealing, but primarily the paychecks. Although incomes can vary greatly depending on what you’re selling, sales jobs can be extremely rewarding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top 10% of sales professionals earn an average of $113,310 a year.

Start from Bottom

According to Marie Warner, a sales trainer and consultant, even if you held a higher position in your previous career, you should expect to be hired for an entry-level position without any experience.

Sales benefit from this, especially. Greta Schulz, president and CEO of Schulz Business Solutions in Jupiter, Florida, says you’ll receive valuable training in most entry-level positions. Ideally, the sales manager will be able to mold you into the kind of salesperson they need. In interviews, emphasize your willingness to learn on the job and your ability to learn quickly.

Highlight Your Skills

Sales managers want to know that you can sell yourself before they trust you with their product or service. You may be able to become an excellent salesperson without sales experience if you have transferrable skills. A sale is all about persuading someone to purchase something they might not have otherwise bought.

A nurse who applied for a pharmaceutical sales job is used as an example. Even without a direct connection, soft skills can still be used. You have to persuade people to follow your lead, so think of a time when you had to use your people skills, such as leadership, problem-solving, and communication, to accomplish this. Prepare a few stories that you can share during the job interview.

Create Your Resume

Warner says generic resumes aren’t enough. Your career summary should indicate that you are seeking a sales job in the industry you are interested in. Make sure you incorporate prominent keywords into your resume.

Highlight your career accomplishments in your cover letter. Management loves winners. Do you have any ideas on how to streamline the process? Are there any training programs in place for new hires? Are you aware of any blog posts you wrote that saw a significant increase in page views on the company website? Show that you know how to put your learning into action by telling stories like these.