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If you are planning on creating a breakthrough or breakaway football banner, there is a good chance that you are interested in motivating and supporting your football squad. With these things, the team can make a good and a dramatic entrance into the field before games start with breakaway banners. That is why, if a person is interested in making breakaway football banners for their team, this article is made for them. We will take a closer look at important tips that will help people design their own ensign expertly.

What are these things made of?

These flags are made with quality materials. In some instances, they are made from strong and quality papers. Papers that can allow various paint types are the best options. It is best to choose papers with the correct width. It will make it a lot easier for people on the field to walk through the insignia before the game starts. 

Not only that, it is best to use stretchable paper. It will help cover a large area of the stadium or coliseum’s entrance. If this is the first time a person is making sports insignia, it is advisable to use materials other than paper. As such, individuals can use paper for practicing. Attempts to use paper can be beneficial since it can tear easily and is very cheap. It will prevent problems of injuries to players.

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What do breakthrough banners feature?

These streamers can carry different messages. It depends on what designers or teams need the flags for. It can also carry images of the players or mascots. For some, they use it to print words that can motivate the player or the squad to succeed. 

They can skillfully design these flags to paint the best picture that will inspire their team. A lot of fans usually let their ensign carry the squad logo; that makes it more detailed and unique. It can also show demotivating messages for the other team. The banner can be used to celebrate squad success and milestones. It is meant for anything, and everything people need them for.

How are these things used?

Having decorated the ensign to the squad’s taste, people can then think of hanging. To do this, individuals will need some items like tapes, pipes, and poles. Stretching these ensigns across a stadium or coliseum entrance, individuals can attach both ends of the flag to poles. They can also use Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC pipes, cardboard tubes, or wood in place of metal poles. 

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It is best for materials that are easy to carry or lightweight. Individuals can expertly attach the flag to the bar with masking tape. Make sure that the pole is firmly held. Ensure that it is also safely fastened at both ends. As such, the streamer will not disintegrate when the team is charging through.

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Tips for designing a breakthrough streamer

Here are some steps fans can follow when designing their breakthrough streamer. If they have a sports team pennant, they can follow these steps:

Cutting the materials

The first step is to cut the material you are using into four pieces of the same shape and size. Every piece you are using will stand for a quarter of the pennant. 

Laying and tapering

Let the materials you cut on the floor. Allow it to form a square, making it look like a huge puzzle. Using tape, join the inside edges together. Apply tape to the center where the four corners join together. The tape should not be too much, as this is the point of breaking when the team is coming out.

Fasten it to the pole

Fasten the edge of the breakaway banner to the pole. Roll the edge of the material over the rod. When it completely covered the rod. You can use the tape to attach it to the bar securely. Both sides need to be attached securely and carefully. If not done right, the beauty of the breakaway streamer will be seen. I will tear off or remove it totally.

Start the decoration process

People get to decide how they want this process to go. As stated before, there are some things people can do on their streamers. They can design the logo of their favorite squad, put inspirational messages for the team, or write demotivation messages for the other team. Anything that can inspire your favorite squad to play well can be added to the streamer. Individuals can also add things that the squad can quickly identify with. The goal is to pass messages to fans and players. 


Depending on when people want to use their banners, make sure to store them properly. Fans can roll it carefully and keep it until the game starts.

In conclusion

People can easily design motivating and high-quality football streamers. The tips mentioned above are designed to help individuals do this expertly and adequately. It is time to send motivating messages to your favorite squad to achieve success.