The marketing world has evolved dramatically in the methods of reaching customers and creating brand awareness. Among the fast-developing marketing strategies is live streaming, which allows businesses to market themselves, promote specific launches and connect with their audience.

Currently, above 36% of companies use live video as a digital marketing strategy, and the percentage seems to rise each day. Also, a live stream is no longer limited to the entertainment industry; instead, it includes all other activities like the brand’s social events. Don’t wait anymore; the perfect time for engaging in live streaming is already here. Utilize it and enjoy an opportunity to establish a viral buzz and gain massive traffic figures.

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Impact of Live Streaming on Future Marketing

Research shows that more than 80% of people are more likely to watch a video than read an article or vlog on the internet. Most adults will spend more than 5 hours watching online videos and over 2 hours on digital gadgets.

Live stream impacts marketing by allowing accessibility. This streaming provides regular internet users with an easy way of broadcasting their life and making money from it. Moreover, one can watch the live streams from anywhere and at any time, given that they have internet access. The accessibility is also influenced by the fact that the streams can be watched even from smartphones.

To establish a successful live stream strategy, one must be creative enough, thus offering a unique thing. Give your customers a reason to choose you over and over again.

Again, a live stream will help you reach and gain customers from the millennials. Millennials enjoy watching live streams and shows online. Remember that as time goes by, the younger generation will dominate the market, making streaming the most effective way of engaging with your customers. Businesses that will invest in live streams now will be getting way ahead of their competitors as this trend is very predictable. Also, live streams work perfectly with social media. For instance, streaming has increased by over 155% on LinkedIn since 2022. This trend has been reflected on other social media platforms as well, and it is an indication that its growth is massive.

How Do You Ensure You Do it Right?

Engaging in live streams and doing it all wrong will only lead to making losses. Check below for the steps that will ensure that it is correctly done.

  • Be authentic

Most online audiences can tell when the content provided is fake or insincere. Be genuine and provide real value to your customers while preserving their personalities. Even though it’s online, carry out the live streams like they are fundamental face-to-face interactions.

  • Provide learning options

Do not be rigid on the methods your customers can learn about your services or products. Provide options to allow your audience to self-select the way that suits them best.

  • Ensure Simplicity of things

Focus tightly on the host and promote your products during the streams. Do not be diverted into doing other unnecessary things that might distract your customer’s attention as well. Also, ensure your method of interaction with your target audience is not complicated, as this would only kill their interest in your brand. However, you can incorporate some entertainment features to keep viewers lively and interested.