Bank account theft is slowly taking a back seat as many cyber criminals shift to stealing funds from cryptocurrency wallets. This is due to widespread euphoria regarding the growth of key cryptocurrencies. So how exactly do cryptocurrency accounts get hacked and is there a way to protect against it?

How do break-ins happen?

Often, hacking is done by introducing a virus. But so-called “affiliate programs” to mine cryptocurrencies directly in users’ browsers are also gaining popularity. Such extensions are often installed as an add-on to various installation files.

Today, the number of cryptocurrency thefts has increased significantly, primarily due to the anonymity of cryptocurrencies. It allows criminals to launder and then cash out stolen cryptocurrencies without any difficulty.

A similar trend is affecting the market for browser vulnerabilities. This means that such viruses, once on the victim’s computer, prioritize the search for cryptocurrency wallets over e-banking systems.

What is the bitcoin mix service?

To prevent any surveillance of your transactions, the entrance is made by so-called server-mixes. The principle is simple – the site accepts cryptocurrency from multiple people, then uses algorithms to mix and send bitcoins to different wallets.

As the transactions are mixed and matched, the service is called a cryptocurrency mixer. Once the mixing is complete, the coins are sent back, minus a service fee.

BitMix.Biz overview

BitMix.Biz is a bitcoin transaction-mixing service that helps protect privacy in a pseudo-anonymous and open transaction register environment. It is one of the reliable services capable of obfuscating transaction traces and making it impossible to trace the chain from cryptocurrency sender to recipient.

Some of the features of the platform include:

  • mix strength indicator;
  • low and dynamic commissions;
  • instant clearing;
  • ability to set a delay for increased privacy;
  • payment security with a guarantee letter;
  • any transaction information is deleted after 72 hours;
  • affiliate program.