The Sur Ron Light Bee X electric dirt bike has risen to great popularity this year. The reason is the unique improvements that the bike has come up with recently. The bike now has an amazing battery capacity, an impressive braking system and an excellent suspension set. With these and so many more, Sur Ron Light Bee X is all set to hit the roads in complete style. 

Ever since this bike got introduced in 2016, it maintained its reputation. Its introduction was a direct competition to the conventional petrol and fuel bikes. However, there were serious doubts too as to how the world will take this bike because it was strictly considered to be a private property to use dirt bike.

The Light Bee X has the addition of standard X Controller and 3KW Mid Motor. All of these provide an output of 6KW of serious dirt. Many say that these bikes are comparable to the conventional 110-125cc combustion engine brake bikes, and this is what makes them a perfect pick for outdoor expeditions. It also suits right as trail bikes, farm bikes or for the weekend recreational riders. 

The Sur Ron Dirt Bikes offer better accessibility to win over hilly, dirty, sandy or grassy terrains. They are now available with the upgrade of 4 piston brakes and a 40AH Panasonic battery that is removable and swappable. The battery is available with 21700 premium cells, which are extremely lightweight and has an aluminum construction. The bike is built in such a way that it can not only combat the rust formation but also gets fully charged in just 3-4 hours.

The other features of the bike include:

  • A top speed of 75 kmph
  • There is a 20% increase in power output from 5KW to 6KW
  • The bike is now available with a new 40AH 21700 cell Panasonic Battery
  • There is a 20% increase of range from 55km to 75km.
  • The foot pegs are built with cast aluminum, which makes it sturdy
  • There are also rear-guard fenders present
  • It has a maximum loading capacity of 100kg.
  • The seat height is 830mm.
  • It comes with LED headlight and its rear tail light is always on.

It’s time to bring home the all new Surron Light Bee X that offers promising features and the best ride experience.