Make a copy of your API key.

The first step is to log into your Binance account. After that, pick API Management from the drop-down menu located at the upper right of your screen. Give your new bot a name and hit the Create button on the next page.

This will cause your 2-factor authentication to be activated. Following the submission of your code, trading software for binance will send you an email asking you to confirm your desire to establish a new bot. After you have clicked on the link that has been supplied to you, you will be brought to the API Management section of the website.

Your API Key and Secret Key may both be found in this section. There are additional checkboxes to choose from. Leave the default options in their current positions. Maintain the secrecy of your secret key by keeping it somewhere secure on trading bots binance. To ensure that your cash stay secure on the exchange, do not grant the Bot withdrawal permissions.

Connect Your Bot to the Internet

Sign in to your account and click on Exchanges in the sidebar menu to get started trading. Select Binance as the exchange on the next page, then copy and paste your API key and secret key into the appropriate fields on the following page. Your bot will be linked as soon as you click Connect. Simple.

 Establish Your Own Set of Rules

Now that your bot has access to your exchange account, you must configure the settings that will govern how your bot will conduct its transactions. These are referred to as rules. For the time being, we will be using Toscale’s templates to speed the process. It is possible to make up your own rules and adapt them to your heart’s content if you believe you are competent.

On the left-hand sidebar, choose Rules. Create a rule by clicking on the Create Rule button in the upper right corner. Your browser will redirect you to the Rule page. Templates may be found at the top of the screen.

You’ll be provided with a pop-up displaying Toscale’s comprehensive range of templates, which has been specially designed for you by the team. Each rule is given a descriptive name, as well as a brief introduction to the underlying approach of the rule. If you choose one of the options, such as Buy the Dips, you will be sent a fuller explanation of trading bots binance. When you’ve found the one you like, click on it to make it permanent.

The template may be further customised in the next step. The only thing you need to do is specify the cryptocurrency the rule is intended for, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Dogecoin (DOGE), and then the amount you wish to trade with that cryptocurrency. If you choose, you may instruct the bot to trade any currency currently accessible on the exchange; however, you must first pick a coin to trade.