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Impossible to miss the Cloud! A real revolution for several years now, Cloud Computing represents a major challenge for entrepreneurs. But what is it exactly? Illustrated everywhere by a cloud (its definition in French), Cloud Computing refers to the provision of services (servers, storage, databases, etc.) hosted on the Internet. So, if you want to get started to develop your startup, first ask yourself the right questions.

Use of the Cloud Computing

With the Cloud, you no longer need to have a large storage space. Indeed, it is he who now covers all storage solutions. Thus, the phenomenon of “Cloud Computing” is naturally gaining momentum in companies. A true economic revolution, it represents a major development challenge for entrepreneurs, who can still sometimes be reluctant to use it. However, it now appears impossible to escape a reflection on Cloud solutions. You just have to ask yourself the right questions before taking the plunge. For the network infrastructure setup this is important.

Why go to the Cloud?

A necessary step for an entrepreneur, using a Cloud solution has several advantages. First of all, in terms of efficiency, setting up an infrastructure is done very quickly (a few minutes are enough) with the possibility of building the options as close as possible to the needs of its activity. In addition, all the applications that we are likely to create today will evolve very quickly. Thus, project leaders need a service that is particularly agile and that can react quickly. Cloud solutions thus make it possible to support the growth of the project. In addition, the Cloud offers significant security and compliance guarantees when embarking on entrepreneurship. In a country like France where failure is badly perceived, the Cloud, from a technological point of view, completely demystifies the fear of failure.

Managing your own servers yourself means managing energy, cooling, backups. These numerous services are now industrialized thanks to Cloud solutions. You can start your projects much faster for a much lower budget. You can test the services for a few minutes, a few hours or a few months without having to make significant investments. It takes several years to pay off your own servers. The Cloud is billed by the hour and therefore completely limits the risks. Indeed, to be wrong is to spend an hour of Cloud in the worst case. In a country like France where failure is badly perceived, the Cloud, from a technological point of view, completely demystifies the fear of failure.

How should we choose our cloud provider?

Before embarking on the Cloud, you have to ask yourself the right questions upstream. Does the supplier offer transparency on its prices? Could you easily repatriate or migrate my data if you decide to change supplier? Does the latter offer different types of cloud products to meet my different types of needs? There are therefore a large number of parameters to be kept in mind to identify the supplier and the solution best suited to his needs. “A word of advice for startups: don’t hesitate to check whether the cloud providers that interest us are offering special startup offers such as the Digital Launch Pad. In addition to this significant saving, startups benefit from support and advice to build their cloud infrastructure and can discuss with other startups supported by the program ”,