Businesses save money with internal recruitment because, although you have to train your employees to reach better positions, you do not have to pay the cost of a recruitment process and recruitment of new workers. In addition, it is much faster, since you do not have to wait so long to find the right person because they are already in the company.

Investments in training and staff training are used at all times, even in this case. As workers are being prepared for a possible promotion, they are also training and taking advantage of the new skills and abilities they have. From the recruitment agency malaysia you can have the best solutions.

The main disadvantages of internal recruiting are that:

  • There is a limitation of candidates, since only those who are already in the company are chosen. The possibility is not open to outside talent.
  • New employees for low positions may be being valued based on whether they meet the requirements for promotion, so the door could be closed to people who are very valid for that position but not to be promoted.
  • There may come a time when there are no people in the company with the skills to fill a new vacant position, or who are not yet ready for it.
  • The business is not enriched by new talents that other companies in the environment know and can bring new possibilities and favorable ways of acting.

If the selection process is not adequate it can be detrimental, on the one hand because there may be rivalries between candidates or workers who do not feel valued or with the possibility of promotion, and on the other hand because it is usually an irreversible decision and if it goes wrong there is no reverse.

It now remains to be seen concretely how to thank an employee in an authentic way, without making money.

You overdo it, and your thanks will seem fake.

You do not do enough, your recognition will ring false: it will be as if you had not said or done anything, or even worse than before.

So what are the steps to master the art of heartfelt thanks?

Stop saying thank you

First, start by stopping to say thank you 30 times a day to whoever wants to hear it. Ok, your employees are good and competent, but saying it for everything, all the time, it will have the opposite effect and it will serve you.

By dint of repeating it, saying thank you no longer has any meaning , and it becomes as automatic a formula as answering “how are you” to the question “how are you?”. No interest, you will agree. To thank one of your collaborators, be authentic , be true, be yourself , thank him sincerely.

You have to think so, it has to come from the heart. It must mean something to you, and it will mean something to him. It is a very powerful word at first, but by dint of repetition it loses all its flavor and the other opposite ends up doubting: if you say it so often, do you really mean it? What is it hiding?

It is exactly the same for the “Thank you”.