If you own a company, it’s important that you use product packaging. In fact, you likely already do use it. Keeping your products sealed keeps them safe and secure. As a business owner, you likely don’t want your items damaged or ruined before they even reach where they are going. You need to make sure customers buy quality products that are intact and secure. 

Industrial packaging machines play a big role for companies too. There are many different types of packaging. You can choose which type of packaging fits your company needs. Keep reading to learn different types of industrial packaging. 

Corrugated Boxes

You’ve likely seen a brown box full of items before. This type of packaging might be the one you’ve seen the most. They are called corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes have been used for years for packaging purposes. They are made from cardboard. They can carry different types of items. These boxes can be used for both packaging and shipping. 

Stretch Film 

Another type of packaging is called stretch film. This type of packaging is used to keep products in place while shipping. Otherwise, products can be damaged before the trip is over. There are different types of stretch film. These include: vented stretch, cast stretch, color stretch, reinforced stretch, and blown stretch, among others as well. 

Shrink Film 

Shrink film is also used in the packaging industry. This packaging has different types. These include: polyolefin, polyethylene, and polyvinyl chloride. An interesting fact is that polyolefin wraps food well and is the best type for it. 

Flexible Pouches 

Flexible pouches can be used for food and drinks. The good thing about this type of packaging is that it is better for the environment. It also costs less than other kinds of packaging, such as metal or glass. Foods such as granola, nuts, and soups are frequently put in flexible pouches. You can see flexible pouches at grocery stores. 


Another type of packaging used in the industry is called clamshells. You might have seen clamshells while shopping. This type of packaging is frequently used for items such as chicken wings and salads. Clamshells can be made from paperboard and cardboard, among other items. However, usually, clamshells are made from plastic.