Gifts will never be out of your sight whenever there are occasions or celebrations at home and in your workplace because this is a sign of our appreciation towards the host. Sometimes it does not even matter how much this box contains since we believe that it’s the thought that counts so we have to accept it warmly. We can’t refuse whatever we receive from the giver because that would be too rude of us, instead let’s just smile and be thankful for we are remembered dearly.

I guess some of you have been receiving presents like personalized socks which I believe is something that you may find cute, funny, or annoying because you are not expecting much. Receiving custom face on socks may lead to different emotions and this will depend on how you accept this gift or how your relationship withthe sender. Now, if you like or know the giver’s personality and you both understand each other very well, maybe then you’ll know why you are receiving this simple but useful present.

However, one may not understand why it has to be customized and of all things you were given a pair of socks when it could be a shirt, mag, hanky, cap, or face towel. In my opinion, gifts are supposed to be cherished or appreciated whatever it is and whoever gave it, especially when it is a customized one because the effort is there. You should know that customizing the design and the color combination is the hardest part here because these two have to match so it would be an honor to receive this since it is full of sincerity.


I supposed we all know that socks are useful so it is fair to say that they can be thought of as a practical gift to your family and friends. I guess you have a few pairs in your drawer, especially when you don’t usually wear sneakers or masculine types of attire – check out for a few attires. So who will not need more pairs?

But receiving something that was personally styled and seeing your face there will lead to two conclusions. First, you might not want to use it because you want to preserve your photo there. Second, you might be excited to wear them since that is you in the design.

Whatever you choose, the fact that you were printed there will make you feel special. Therefore, it is not just a precious present but practical in different ways, too.


Do you have a reason to give or receive customized pair of socks? I guess the best reasons are trends and fashion. We always choose the latest trends today because we tend to follow and be one of those trending people.

When printing your face on stuff would be trendy, pretty sure that everybody would love to have one. This may be out of style in a few months or years but that won’t be a problem because you can always keep and use it when it booms again.


When you look for a gift, you always try to be creative.This not only pertains to the box with all those ribbons and greeting cards. Most of all, you find a creative item to give.

This is why you take time looking for the most appropriate photo that would be printed on the pieces of stuff like pair of socks. You may even use pictures taken from different angles or showing various emotions, such as happy, lonely, crazy, angry, or funny faces.


These may be hidden and covered because of our shoes but this does not mean that it is something to be ashamed of. That’s why it is common for family members or circle of friends to give something personal with your face on. Let’s say that you know this person very well so he will gladly accept your present.

For your buddy, brother, sister, father, or mother, to receive such a gift means warmth and comfort – click here for more reasons. We all know that putting this on when the weather is cold and when we use sneakers or rubber shoes will make us feel better. So it doesn’t matter whose appearance is there as long as it is coming from a person who cares.