People know that eyepieces like sunglasses keep the bright sun out of the eyes, as well as everyone out of their business. But what individuals may not know is that they have a good and long history. They can do much more for a person than look cool and cut glare. The facts listed below will make people see sunglasses in a new light.

They are older than present-day civilization

According to archeologists, they have discovered googles used by prehistoric Inuit to look at the sun for more than 2,000 years ago. People hunting for food battled arctic elements using walrus-tusk masks with small sluts over the eye area. Like today’s tinted sunglasses, the design protected the eye area from the sun’s intense glare that bounces off the snow.

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Sunglasses are used as a status symbol in ancient times

Nero (the Roman emperor) watched gladiator events in the Coliseum using protective lenses made from polished jewels. Twelfth-century Chinese people use dark glasses made from semi-precious smoky quartz to help judges hide their expressions during court sessions. This practice was said to make the hearings more impartial by concealing clues to future verdicts.

One business owner made sunglasses a mainstream item

In 1919, a business owner named Sam Foster left his job at a plastic-making company to start his own firm, fabricating his own plastic products from the then-new material. Sam Foster reinvented his company constantly by trying to carve out niches.

At some point in time, the firm specialized in everything from medical equipment, to ladies’ hair accessories. For almost ten years, he kept the business below the critical line but had no significant success along the way. Then in 1929, the firm designed the first modern-tinted eyepiece. They sold a couple of dozen to a department store in New Jersey.

The product caught like wildfire with people going to the beach. Before they noticed, the product reached Hollywood, where the biggest celebrities at that time used it to hide their faces from reporters and the paparazzi. It made products like Tom Ford Glasses look a lot cooler in an instant. It becomes an important selling point for the company, especially the brand.

Aviators were a World War 2 invention

This thing was primed for another boost in popularity when in 1936, the United States Air Force employed a team of researchers to design protective lenses for their fighter pilots. They needed glare reduction that was strong enough for the bright light from the sun at high altitudes, but at the same time would still leave the pilot’s vision accurate and precise. After World War 2, fighter pilots have made this type of shade instantly cool They have been a mainstay in every man’s wardrobe ever since.

Sunglasses help men attract women

According to cultural researchers, the sunglasses’ prestige comes from their sense of mystery. By slightly hiding the wearer’s face, they invite people’s curiosity. Curiosity and mystery play an important role in women’s sexual desire. In other words, what ladies find sexy may have more to do with what is hidden than what is on display? A sense of mystery and intrigue combined with a good personal style is destined to draw people’s attention. If they sense there is something you are not giving away publicly, they want to find out even more.