A glycol-pack cooling system is essentially a heat exchanging piece of equipment that can be connected to any water-based machine, mostly AC units for businesses. It has a simple working mechanism:

  • Hot glycol from the connected piece(s) of equipment is pumped into the glycol PAK cooler.
  • The cooler then releases heat into the outside and cools down the glycol. 
  • The cool glycol is then circulated back into the equipment and the process keeps on repeating itself.

Albeit the procedure sounds very simple, its efficiency, actually, depends upon the type of glycol PAK cooler you buy. Which is why you should put your trust in systems like the Frigoman glycol cooling system. Wondering the reasons that make us say so? If yes, then, read the pointers below to understand why. 

  • The frigoman glycol cooling system is actually AIRDYNE GLYCOL-PAK fluid cooler. And Airdyne, which is a reputed brand, ensures that their products are best in quality. 
  • Since the equipment comes from the house of Airdyne, it has a long life. 

Now that you know why buy – and from where – a glycol PAK cooling system, it’s time to introduce you to their benefits.

4 Benefits of a Glycol PAK Closed Loop Cooling Equipment

You already know that the Glycol PAK cooler is a heat exchanger. The other benefits you must know are given below. 

  1. It Increases the Life of Your AC – That’s because the heat from the AC compressor is passed into the Glycol PAK cooler instead of being released (leaked) inside the room. As a result, there’s less pressure on the compressor. 
  2. It Reduces the Maintenance Cost – Since the compressor of the AC doesn’t have to overwork to maintain the room temperature, it requires less maintenance. It reduces the maintenance cost by a huge margin in the long run. 
  3. It Preserves Water – Since glycol is circulated within the closed loop, it doesn’t actually come in contact with the air outside. As a result, the unit doesn’t require additional water to maintain the temperature as is the case in all open type cooling towers. 
  4. It Reduces the Electricity Bill – It’s undoubtedly hard to believe that such heavy machineries can actually reduce the power bill. But, that’s true. The Glycol pak models by AIRDYNE are built with an auto thermostat feature that switches off the cooling fans in the machine as soon as the targeted temperature is met. This feature exists in the GP-4 model and the ones created after the GP-4. 

All in all, buying a Glycol PAK cooler is a win-win situation if only you buy one from reputable firms like Frigoman.