COVID-19 has changed the world in drastic ways, which is especially true for countries that haven’t been able to successfully contain the virus like the United States. The CDC and many of the country’s experts have been trying to learn more about this problem, and this includes biopharma expert Carsten Thiel.

What is Known?

One thing most people know about this virus is that it seems to spread from person to person. It is possible it could spread by simply breathing near others, which is partly why the virus seems nearly impossible to stop.

More information continues to come out to support the theory that respiratory transmission is the main way this virus spreads. Reports show that there is a higher chance of spreading this illness when folks travel to see people they care about. It is quite clear that people are having a hard time staying away from loved ones, but this heart-driven act could end up causing someone’s demise.

The ease of spread is making many folks scared at the moment. To think that COVID-19 started in Wuhan, China and was able to make its way around the world in a manner of a few weeks is terrifying. An area that might have it under control now might see an outbreak in the blink of an eye.

Some countries were able to get this under control by implementing all sorts of regulations, like ensuring folks stay at home, kids going to school virtually, and many other things. Many countries provided support like monthly cash payments among other resolutions to encourage their citizens to stay at home. Some of these ideas have worked since countries like South Korea and New Zealand have reduced their numbers dramatically.

Sadly, control cannot be the only solution because the current way of life isn’t sustainable. It’s a sacrifice people have to make to reduce deaths. Governments know this, which is the reason many are attempting to develop a reliable and safe vaccine.

The Push Forward

COVID-19 is being fought in many ways right now. Most people seem to be relying on new information as folks learn more about this virus. Carsten Thiel is one voice people are turning to. He is the president of the European commercialization for a company that many in the industry know as EUSA Pharma.

Thiel just released information detailing how 40 to 60 percent of people who ignore social distancing guidelines will get this disease. This information only continues to reinforce how important social distancing is. There are a lot of reasons people are not listening to experts like Thiel and continue to socialize.

Some are doing it because of misinformation while others simply are tired of being separated from others.

Thiel, like many others in these fields, believe that warmer temperatures could slow the infection rate a bit, but that’s only a small pause. Winter is just around the corner, so that small pause is only going to last for so long. Many experts fear of a harsh outbreak during the winter months, which makes a vaccine even more important.

This harsh outbreak could be linked to the low infection rate in warmer climates, which could make some folks think the worse is over and cause them to break social distancing guidelines in those colder months. Thinking the worse is over could end up becoming more deadly than some could even imagine, which is what Thiel fears.

More on Carsten Thiel

Carsten Thiel is the leader of the forward-thinking EUSA. This is a pharmaceutical company that has been breaking barriers for a long time in their pursuit to help people deal with all sorts of ailments.

Thiel has been in this industry for more than two decades.

Thiel earned a Ph.D in Molecular Biology as well as Biochemistry. Some people might think all he has done is run these companies, but his knowledge goes beyond this. That could be the reason he has risen to such heights in this industry.