It might surprise you, but bonuses and other salary bonuses are no longer the most effective methods of increasing employee engagement. Obviously, well-paid employees are more inclined to put in the extra effort in achieving their goals. However, very good results can be obtained with other approaches. Indeed, new research has shown that the productivity and motivation of employees increase thanks to simpler factors.

Happy employees

Researchers at the University of Warwick have found that the productivity rate of happy employees is about 12% higher than that of others.

Google has tested this approach by doubling the satisfaction of its employees and has invested heavily in supporting it. These efforts were crowned with an increase in employee satisfaction rate of 37%, and this led to a significant improvement in job performance. With collaboration with remote teams, this goes perfect.

The benefits of happy employees are proven. Happy employees are:

  • more efficient
  • more cooperative
  • more involved
  • more conscientious

In short, they bring more profits to their businesses.

One of the key factors in this satisfaction is communication. In business, communication between an employer and its employees should not be neglected. The leader of a small business must always listen, learn and anticipate. Put yourself in your employees’ shoes as often as possible (after all, you probably were one day) to decipher everything they cannot tell you but that they would like you to understand.

Offer irresistible privileges

Good employers understand the importance of showing appreciation for their employees’ efforts. It’s also important to plan for rewarding rewards to keep them motivated and engaged. We have all heard of examples of rewards, such as those of the Google Company, which offers its employees privileges such as the provision of sleeping cabins or the organization of events with celebrities. This kind of privilege is certainly beyond your means! But the point is for you to try and provide benefits that could improve the daily lives of your employees.

In this sense, you can:

  • offer subscriptions to a gym,
  • set up a daycare within the company or nearby,
  • offer Holiday vouchers,
  • offer snacks during breaks.

If you mention these privileges in your job advertisement or during job interviews, you will have a better chance of attracting the most competent employees.

Create an atmosphere of cooperation

Obviously, employees who get along well trust and help each other form a strong and more productive team. Members communicate well and share information easily because they trust each other. A tight-knit team faces obstacles, no matter how difficult they may be.