Anthony Van Johnson Helps Car Accident Victims as Numbers Jump in Atlanta -  Guardian PJ

When you live in a big city, a considerable part of life is spent on the road, either getting from one place to another or stuck in traffic. It can be exhausting and time-consuming, which can often lead to reckless driving. 

Reckless driving and inattentive driving are some of the biggest reasons why most car accidents happen. They’re not always life-risking, but they do create a big dent in your car and wallet. 

You may feel helpless when faced with a situation like this, but don’t worry because there’s a helping hand in Atlanta who’s got your back. 

Who is Anthony Van Johnson?

Anthony Van Johnson is a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta. He has presented in over forty courts across Georgia and selected federal cases in Texas and California.

Anthony has represented thousands of clients in personal injury, family law, civil and criminal litigation. But Anthony was not always a part of the legal fraternity. 

Anthony enlisted in the United States Army at the age of 17 and rose through the ranks to become an Infantry Squad Leader. Anthony completed Combat Leaders School while in the Army. 

At the French Commando Encampment, his platoon took first place. He also received the prestigious Expert Infantryman’s Badge and joined the U.S. Army Mounted Color Guard & Drill Team.

After leaving the Army, Anthony worked as a professional musician in Europe and San Francisco, where he performed with various other musical groups in various genres.

Anthony was also a martial arts competitor and instructor who had studied a variety of disciplines in several states and Europe.

After entering the nuclear business as a Radiological Control Monitor, he earned the NAVSHIPS 108 certification. He served as a Senior Health Physics Technician at numerous nuclear plants around the United States.

Before entering Loyola University School of Law, he earned an A.S. in Business Administration and a B.A. in English.

How Has Anthony Van Johnson Helped Atlanta’s Car Accidents?

While you may think that getting insurance on your car will save you from the costs of its damage, it’s only valid to a certain extent.

The issue that arises with insurance and insurance companies is that they only cover certain types of damages. If you happen to find yourself in an accident that your insurance company does not cover, you will need the help of an attorney.

This is where attorneys like Anthony Van Johnson come in. He not only has the knowledge and experience needed to avoid drowning in bills and extra cost, but he will also be providing you with the best defense possible at a rate that won’t cause just as much, if not more, damage to your wallet than your car. 

What If I Am The One At Fault?

Just because you were the reason an accident occurred doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to a defense. The legal system thrives on equal justice, and all factors will be considered when the courts take up your case. 

After a long day of work, it’s natural for a tired person to have their mind wander, and if you’re driving, you may not have quick reflexes in those times. But that’s okay.

Sometimes you may be the victim of an accident, and either way, it’s a big material and financial loss. If you find out your insurance does not cover your losses, all you need to do is contact Anthony Van Johnson. 

He will guide you through what steps you can take moving forward to ensure that a settlement of sorts is reached to ensure the delivery of justice and lower the costs you will potentially face if not eliminate them.