Many organizations and their employees usually see these online compliance training programs as something they merely need to get over with. As a result, it prevents any real efforts from happening, which end up with unengaged employees who may break the rules.

This perspective quickly changes as new compliance training technologies like True Office Learning are brought out. But even then, there are still reasons why compliance training fails, which results in poor work performance and non-compliance, risking company reputation.

What are the reasons behind the lull in your compliance training program?

  1. Information Overload

There isn’t anything wrong when incorporating compliance to onboarding, as long as the process takes about a few months, not mere weeks. If you provide too much compliance training, it will mentally overwhelm employees.

The information overload will make it difficult to understand why all the content matters and its relation to them. As a result, they’ll forget what they learned quicker and feel like they’re just in a bleak and strict workplace.  

  1. Long, Plain, and Difficult Courses

Long courses are a huge problem for various reasons. Such courses will impede workflow, straining employees. Furthermore, they are usually uninteresting, so you don’t capture attention.

Basically, long courses are pointless! You should focus on compliance training, including only valuable and relevant information. Also, break down courses into bite-sized lessons rather than giving too much at once.

Besides long courses, no one wants to deal with plain and difficult training sessions. People have work to do, and adding boring courses that are difficult to understand won’t do anything good.

When creating a compliance training program, check if the content suits your employees and their individual needs. You may even need to create different training courses that cater to different departments to encourage staff with relevant, understandable information they can put to mind and heart.

Also, don’t make your content too plain! If you hand over long texts and presentations with thousands of words. No one wants to read hundreds of pages filled with boring text!

Use LMS to deliver training, creating games and simulations to add more interactivity to their training. You should also consider adding badges or levels, even a rewards system, which increases engagement and interest.

Besides games and fun quizzes, create microlearning videos and incorporate fun images and other forms of media into presentations.

  1. Outdated Content

Compliance training must be frequently updated, including the latest regulation, laws, and company policies. If you provide inaccurate, out-of-date information, not only is it irresponsible but dangerous. You cost the organization money and reputation if employees are non-compliant without knowing!

Ensure that your training programs are constantly updated with customizable courses you can easily edit to add relevant and updated content. Not only will such online courses be easy to refresh, but you can also add engaging content for employees to learn better.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know why your compliance training might be stalling, it’s time to take the appropriate steps to adjust it!