In your efforts to achieve dust control at your worksite, the right products are a must-have. You need to ensure you choose the best equipment for excellent results in your dust management plans. However, it’s tricky to find the best ones as the market is saturated. Here are five products to compliment your existing dust management system.


Consider using BossTek towers as your top dust management system. Dust control tower systems offer excellent dust suppression through the use of extended throw and mist barriers. They penetrate even the concentrated points where dust settles. On top of this, dust control tower systems cover extremely large areas that need frequent dust suppression. Using the extended atomized misting, dust control towers manage to capture fugitive dust particles trying to escape into the air. Since these towers focus on the bottom from the top, they can apply gravity to drive down the dust.

Atom Misters

This versatile and compact dust suppression equipment works best for smaller spaces. You don’t need electricity for this, and fortunately, you can use it for crushers, hoppers, and indoor applications. By offering you different nozzle configurations, you can easily tailor the intensity of the atomized mist to your needs. On top of this, the compact spray bars offer close contact to high dust generation areas. Consequently, you can rest assured of effective dust suppression.


The dust control Fusion is what you need for your routine job site dust management efforts. With features such as touchscreen controls and a reasonable throw, you can rest assured of excellent and effective dust suppression in your worksite. All you need is a reliable water source for your fusions to deliver excellent results.

Portable atomizers

With the dust control Atom, you can achieve 100-foot coverage with just a small package. If you wish to transport the equipment to another site, you’re lucky as its 562 pounds weight makes it portable. On top of this, the Atom has a self-powered onboard and only needs a reliable water source for excellent performance. Furthermore, this unit features a remote system so it’s also virtually operated.


If you’re looking for high-quality dust suppression solutions look no further. Dust control cannons offer excellent dust suppression for construction sites. Through the use of a powerful fan, the unit quickly captures dust and throws it to the ground. The systems are portable, so they can be easily hand transported to offer excellent dust suppression. On top of this, these cannons only need a simple setup, thus suitable for smaller spaces. With dust suppression cannons, you’re sure to do away with dust, protect your employee health, and protect the immediate community.

Dust buildup is can be challenging to deal with at your worksite. Fortunately, you have ways to get rid of it, and when done right, you get excellent results. Your dust management system needs to consist of effective products that complement your dust control efforts. From the products covered in this article, you can now find the best dust management products for your site.