Construction Equipment Types And Construction Equipment List

A whole lot of nothing would be accomplished if not for the must-have equipment required for a commercial construction job site. From scaffolding rental west valley city ut to temporary safety fencing to mobile screw and/or reciprocating compressors and reciprocating compressor parts (to prevent downtime during equipment breakdowns), the right equipment is essential for any general contractor and/or construction manager looking to get the job done on time and under budget.

According to a recent construction industry article, attention to safety is just as important as the right equipment. Most contractors make it a requirement for their workers to comply with the rules and safety standards established by the law and enforced by the company. 

Failure to abide by these standards can result in a halt of business operations. What this means is that a commercial construction company must have the proper safety gear and equipment for its daily operations to run smoothly.  

Construction companies require equipment that will increase the production rate and overall speed of any one particular project. The size of the project and the economics involved will always play a pivotal role in the actual equipment needed. So will safety training and equipment maintenance. 

In order to function as efficiently as possible, here are five pieces of “must-have-equipment” for a commercial construction job site. 


Compressors, such as industrial screw compressors, are said to be a beneficial addition to a job site since they contain no valves that can distort and/or unbalance the work. Due to the “zero mechanical forces” inside screw compressors, they can operate at a very high rate of speed.

You are said to have a choice between a variable speed drive or fixed speed operation. It all depends on the time you are allotted for a specific job application. The compressors have very few fluctuations in their “delivery pressure” and can therefore guarantee airflow at the high-pressure rate and a very flat rate.   

When compared to more conventional “fixed designs,” industrial screw compressors save energy. The machines are available in oil-free and oil-injected varieties. 


If you’re working on new construction, you will require a generator to provide power. If your job site is located away from the city power grid, it is of vital importance to figure at least one generator into your project budget. 

Diesel and gas-powered generators are said to provide the right dosage of power to allow you to operate tools and equipment. Generators will usually be required from the beginning of the project all the way to the end for one reason or another. 

Backhoe Loader

Backhoes allow you to excavate on the job site, but they can be used for a variety of functions. From the transport of materials and equipment to demolition, the backhoe loader makes things a whole lot easier on a commercial construction job site. 

Be it digging, breaking stones, and paving paths, the backhoe’s functions are many. You can also use the machine to dig trenches and holes. 

Concrete Mixers

If you’ve ever mixed concrete by hand, you know what a hard and time-consuming project it can be. In fact, seasoned construction workers have a saying for the manual mixing of concrete: You don’t mix cement with water; you mix it with sweat. 

But a concrete mixer will effortlessly combine all the ingredients that go into making concrete. It will combine gravel, water, sand, and cement, inside a revolving drum that will produce a large and steady volume of concrete.  

Concrete mixers come in all sizes and are easily transportable. You need to select a mixer that can handle the project’s concrete needs. If you’re working on a small project, then a small portable mixer will do the job. If you’re working on a large-scale project, you might need several portable mixers or one large mixer that can be transported by truck. 

Aerial Work Platforms

If you’re working in an urban setting on high-rise structures, you will need a series of aerial work platforms to get the job done safely. A platform is a mechanical tool that can cut down on the heavy loads required for carrying heavy and cumbersome equipment to inaccessible areas located on the site. 

All aerial work platforms have their own weight limits, which you need to pay strict attention to. They can also be used for “general maintenance” purposes, making them yet another essential piece of must-have-equipment on a commercial construction job site.  

Keep in mind that prior to breaking ground on any commercial construction project, you are required by law to obey all the health and safety regulations. The equipment you utilize on a job site will depend on its size and budget. That equipment is a necessary component for guaranteeing project efficiency, productivity, and overall worker safety.