Commercial laundry services are under pressure to meet exceptional quality standards. Laundry business owners are no longer purchase just any coin operated washer but are looking for automation like what you find from brands like Girbau North America. Most commercial laundry businesses cater to several thousands of clients, so there is a need to keep strict hygiene conditions. This has led to the automation of laundry services such as material handling to ensure improved business productivity. Automation is the key to helping commercial laundries embrace the challenges they face in the industry. Here are some of the reasons why automation is on the rise in the laundry industry.


The main reason for using coin op laundry machines is convenience. With the rise of automatic options, commercial laundry businesses can now automate the linen handling process. Robots are used to sift through laundry utilizing RFID tags to categorize and sort laundry. Additionally, X-ray machines can scan laundry to identify foreign objects such as coins or pens. Automation of commercial laundry services has improved the volume of laundry handled and accuracy. It also reduces the burden from the human team hence increasing efficiency and productivity and the same time.

Improved commercial laundry services

Automation has enhanced commercial laundry services because of increased productivity and reduced operating costs. Sorting through laundry is a tedious process that people spend a lot of time on and are bound to make mistakes. With automation, however, the process of sorting through laundry has become easier taking just a few hours without human intervention. This means that the people handling the process only focus on the rejected pieces. This increases efficiency and increased productivity since the employees will only focus on a few elements rather than the entire batch, hence saving time.

Automation helps maintain the rigorous standards required by clients. In the past, the manual process required employees to handle soiled clothes, which was dangerous for their health. However, with automation, employees do not come into contact with most clothes, thus keeping them safe. This ensures that commercial laundries make better use of their staff’s skills. Also, when robots do most manual labor, the staff can focus on value-oriented work such as providing exceptional customer services.

Less water consumption

Automatic machines have an effective cleaning cycle and built-in feature of automatically loading the water as per the clothes load. The machine decides on the adequate amount of water required to complete the wash. This saves business owners on bills and increases profits.

Saves on time

Automation of laundry services has led to less time on washing and drying cycles. That means modern laundry machines offer effective and reliable results. Research shows that they spend 30% less on a cycle when compared to semi-automatic washers. Automatic laundry washing machines take less time and less effort to clean.

Robotics and automation are some of the latest tech developments in the laundry industry that help improve productivity and efficiency. That means laundry managers can take advantage of the technology with intelligent laundry management systems to improve the business’s day-to-day running.