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In this day and age, no business can hope to reach success and attract their target audience without adequate marketing strategies. In general, the combination of both digital and traditional marketing seems to work best in this case. 

More specifically, exhibition stands still stand strong against other forms of marketing. That said, paying attention to the design of your exhibition stand can definitely help your business grow.

The Importance of Exhibition Stand Design

The market is very saturated these days. Even in the limited space of the exhibition show area, there will be plenty of other businesses you’ll need to compete with for attention. Keep in mind that attendees typically don’t spend more than 5 seconds of their time when deciding whether they want to approach a stand or not. In that respect, you have to provide a strong enough visual that is bound to strike a chord of interest with them.

That said, it all comes down to the design of your exhibition stand when it comes to drawing the passing attendees in. Captivating design isn’t only attractive to the eye but it also represents your brand in the best light possible.

Utilize the Space You Get

In order to make the design of your exhibition stand truly shine and work its magic, you need to work with the space you have within the exhibition hall. Essentially, it’s crucial that you make the most out of the floor space you’re given to showcase your brand’s message and products/services effectively.

However, you don’t only have to think horizontally to utilize the available space, but vertically as well. Generally, taller exhibition stands are more striking, thus drawing more visitors to them. Make sure to talk to the organizers when you’re booking the space so that you can learn the height limits and utilize every inch of it.

Professional Design Is Key

The most important thing for your exhibition stand and its design is that the graphics are superb. Not only do you need high-quality prints and bold fonts, but you also have to make sure that your business logo and image are properly incorporated in the overall design.

In order for the design elements to fit well together and promote your brand to the target audience effectively, it’s paramount that you hire a professional designer such as Printroom.ie. This isn’t the time to be frugal when it’s your exhibition stand design that will make a difference between thriving traffic and uninterested passers-by.

Use Interactive Technology

Nowadays, people value user-friendliness and interaction. In that respect, you can’t go wrong with taking your design efforts up a notch in order to promote your brand awareness further.

Incorporating interactive technologies such as VR/AR and gamification will show off your products/services in action but it will also translate your brand’s message and image to a wider audience, especially in regards to the age category. It’s a great way to engage the visitors to the fullest, even at those moments when they can’t actually get into your booth due to the crowd.

Keep People Interested in the Long-Term

The unfortunate truth is that your perfect exhibition stand design won’t mean much in the long run if you don’t make sure that your visitors have something to remember you by. Basically, you should always prepare useful and/or fun freebies to give out to the visitors of your booth as promotional material.

Again, this is where your design will play a huge role. Freebies are considerably smaller than your booth designs, which means you’ll need to strategize the best way to incorporate your design into freebies with your professional designer. But, this practice is bound to pay off considerably when people get to bring a piece of your brand they find valuable to their own homes.

Never Disregard Interaction

Still, it’s very important to mention the networking and face-to-face aspect of your exhibition stand. After all, you are exhibiting your brand. People need to feel appreciated just for the fact that they showed a bit of interest in what you have to offer, so make it a point to create a positive and inviting atmosphere that allows the attendees to connect with others with ease.

The right kind of exhibition stand design will result in a considerable increase in the number of leads and boost the reach of your brand. Your goal should be to create a booth that everyone at the exhibition will feel compelled to talk about, so don’t hesitate to go all out.