It is common for those who plan on residing, working, or studying in Singapore for an extended period of time to look into the possibility of becoming a permanent resident (PR). With an Employment Pass, Entre Pass, Personal Employment Pass, or S Pass, candidates for permanent residence in Singapore who have worked in Singapore for six months or more are entitled to apply. You must have lived in Singapore for at least two years before you may apply for a student visa and become a permanent resident. An immigration service in Singapore is really needed.

As well as a wide range of employment options, a high standard of living, and a multicultural society, Singaporean permanent residents have a number of other advantages and rights that are restricted to them, such as not needing a visa for every country they visit or leave the country from. As a Singaporean Permanent Resident, you are entitled to the following benefits. As you apply pr online you can now get the best options for the same.

There are no limits on travel or employment permissions

You can travel wherever you want since you have a work visa. As a Singapore Permanent Resident, you will never longer have to bother about reapplying for visas and work permits every 2-3 years or switching jobs. You are free to come and go as you choose from the country. You won’t have to worry about your work visa being tied to a certain firm if you accept a job in Singapore since there are so many roles accessible to PRs. For your official identity and freedom to live, travel and work in Singapore, you will be given a Blue Identity Card upon your arrival in Singapore. Singapore’s Permanent Residents requirements need this.

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You, your spouse, and your children should all submit an application for permanent residency

Your spouse or unmarried children may apply for permanent residence status on your behalf (under the age of 21). Priority is given to school-aged children for public school enrolment, with Singaporean citizens taking second place on the priority list. Your parents may be eligible for long-stay visas if you intend to take them on longer vacations across the country.

It’s possible that you may receive a mortgage on your property

In Singapore, it is feasible to get a loan to buy a house. A housing loan is more likely to be approved for a permanent resident (PR) than to a non-permanent resident (NRs). The purchase of resale or used HDB (Housing Development Board) flats will be open to Singaporeans and permanent residents. As a consequence, your prospects of finding a place to call home in the United States have increased dramatically.

You may be able to apply for Singaporean citizenship if you satisfy the conditions

Singapore citizenship may be obtained after a certain period of time as a permanent resident, giving you the same rights and privileges as those who were born here! Perks like free housing, free education, and free health care are only available if you choose to make Singapore your permanent home. With one of the most powerful passports in the world, you’ll be able to travel throughout the globe without needing a visa in most countries.


In the role of a Permanent Residents professional, you have many benefits, but you also have a lot of responsibilities. Upon becoming 16.5 years old, children of Permanent Residents (PRs) are required to sign up for National Duty and serve their country’s requirements until they are 18.