You may have observed that several businesses have recently decided to install rooftop solar panels in their facilities. There has been a tremendous shift as more people become mindful of the need for ecological conservation. As a result, you may be thinking about employing this strategy as well, but you need more information first.

The following post will look at a few of the most common questions that businesses have while looking for a commercial solar installer. Knowing this before you install any panel will make it easier to approach Opal Energy Group about being your company’s solar installation supplier. If you still have questions, their professionals may respond.

Panel Placement

When most individuals think of solar panels, they imagine them on top of a roof. Although this high location is more likely to be touched by the sun’s rays, thus being the most common choice, there are other options. Installers can analyze the position of the building before commencing their work.

Even with taller roofs, trees can cover them, making panels useless in some regions. Opal Energy Group will go through your options with you because they have also placed ground mounts and lot-mounted panels, which are fantastic for properties with a lot of open space.

If you are considering having the panels on your roof, you do not need to worry whether or not the current material you use will be a problem for the installers. Solar panels from Opal Energy Group can be installed on almost any style of roof.


One of the main concerns that people have is the possible expense of installing solar panels. Running a business takes money, but not so much that it fails. Installing solar panels might allow you to both earn and save money!

You will initially save a considerable amount of money on your energy expenditures since you will be using the electric company less frequently. Based on the size and amount of power you now consume, this could be a $600,000 difference. Federal and state governments often offer monetary incentives to help with installation costs, such as 30% tax credits and 15-year cash-back schemes.

Because paying for a solar panel system all at once may be difficult, Opal Energy Group will additionally offer you finance and leasing options if you decide to work with them. Finally, merging savings with government financing may triple your annual ROI and increase the value of your property.


Before having panels installed, you should be prepared appropriately because any house remodeling will undoubtedly take time and provide obstacles. Even if installing a solar system at your company takes many months, regular business operations can continue.

Solar panel installation will not necessitate the removal of your current roof or the creation of interior damage. Construction sounds, in particular, should be avoided and communicated to clients and employees. You may need to adjust parking or any outdoor chairs depending on where these panels are positioned. Your company installer will provide you with a timetable so that you know exactly when and for how long they will be functioning.

Opal Energy: Selecting the Best Option

You have to choose the proper team now that you are prepared to acquire solar panels. Opal Energy Group continues to be the greatest choice for enterprises and families in New Jersey, with stunning installations utilizing the top solar brands available.

They may help firms create designs that are tailored to their needs in addition to providing basic panels. After your project is finished, you may ask them for help with backup batteries or generators so you never have to worry about performance dropping, even on gloomy days.

Everybody ought to decide to live ethically, but business owners should go above and beyond. Even if you are not yet an expert in solar panels, you now understand the essentials. To get started or for additional details, contact Opal Energy Group as soon as possible.