It would be too good to be true when you see account providers offering instant approvals for high risk merchant accounts. You need to stay away from providers telling you that they are on the verge of approving your high risk merchant account encouraging you to sign the dotted lines of the contract.

In fact, despite their claims done in ads for instant approval of merchant accounts without credit checks, it will always take longer to get final approval for any high risk merchant account compared to low risk businesses.

That is because it will require a more extensive investigation of the credit history of both the owner and the business before getting approval.

The good thing is that while it is impossible to enjoy instant approval, you can always improve the chances of approval for your high risk merchant account.

How to improve your chances of approval

  • Maintain a good credit score

First and foremost, it is important that you get a good credit score because you will get in a better position to receive instant approval even for high-risk merchants. The secret is to review your credit score frequently and to improve continuously over time.

  • Get your documents ready

Take note that the provider will review your documents when applying for a merchant account. Thus, you have to get the necessary documents ready so that the underwriting process will be swift.

  • Be honest to your provider

Remember that you will only get declined if there will be inconsistencies in your application. So, avoid lying about your financial shortcomings or business type during underwriting because your business will be checked thoroughly.

  • Keep an updated website

Make sure that your website is updated with all the proper requirements for online payments. That clearly outlines your customer service contact details.

How long high risk merchant accounts get approved


It will only take a day or two to approve traditional low risk businesses. On the other hand, high risk merchant accounts will take a minimum of 3 to 5 business days before getting approved. But the process can also take as long as 3 to 5 weeks.

What hinders the approval of a high risk merchant account?


  • Bad credit history

You have to maintain a favorable credit history and good credit score if you have a high risk merchant account.

  • High transaction volumes

Most payment processors take an in-depth review at your account when your business has shown to have processed high monthly transaction volumes.

  • High chargebacks

Your high-risk merchant account will be declined if you have high chargeback levels.

  • International businesses

There is an increased risk of fraud exposure when you are offering services or selling products abroad. Thus, many financial institutions refuse the approval of international entities.

  • Restricted industries

Some acquiring banks will not support industries for processing capabilities. You need to ensure your merchant provider knows your business model thoroughly before submitting to a bank comfortable with your business.

While instant approval for high risk merchant account is a scam, there are reputable providers that specialize in working with high risk merchant accounts. You just need to find the merchant account provider suitable for your high risk business.