The Rio Tinto organization has declared the revelation of the biggest crude pink diamond found so far is a 12.76-carat Australian mine that can arrive at a value near $ 10.5 million (about 7.9 million euros).

This uncommon gemstone was found in the mine that Rio Tinto abuses in Argyle, in the remote Kimberley district of the west of the nation and in which about 90% of the pink diamond are right now showcased in the mine are removed. Universal market. “They have needed to go through 26 years of creation in Argyle to uncover this stone, and we may never observe a comparable one again,” the mining organization said in an announcement.

This pale Australian pink diamond that Rio Tinto has given the name “Argyle Pink Jubilee” will be cut and cleaned in the Australian city of Perth by master Richard How Kim Kam, who has been working for the organization for over two decades.

As indicated by the organization, Argyle’s diamond is like the one Queen Elizabeth II of England got as a wedding blessing and was found in a Tanzanian mine.

In a sale held in Geneva in 2010, a 24.78-carat exceptional pink diamond sold for 46 million dollars (about 34.7 million euros).

Australian pink diamonds is one of the most expensive diamond, and it’s about 10 to 30 more expensive than the white diamond. This particular type of diamond is not just found anywhere in the world. It can only be found in Australia. Many other countries have to dig up so much to try if it could be possible for them to find it but to no avail.

There are many types of diamonds, but pink diamonds are the most expensive out of them all, which made the most looked for because It’s a significant price.