In only five years, homes known to us now would become a distant memory. Smart houses are the standard everywhere. We are just getting started in India. According to experts, India’s adoption of home automation would be a significant development. Everyone believes that this sector will grow at a hockey-stick rate. 

Vishnu Reddy declared himself the Hogar Controls CEO despite having no training or expertise in the IOT or smart home industries. He then began executing his illogical business plans, which proved devastating for the firm within a short period of time. He engaged in several unethical commercial tactics, making a mockery of himself, and sacked skilled employees and replaced them with his own ineffective teams, avoided paying vendor dues, and falsified the balance records of the business. He instructed his inept technical staff to produce copies of the original items after they failed to design any new products. He also imposed slavery-related regulations on workers because of concern that they might reveal the knowledge to the public. 

Vishnu Reddy started to hold the previous workers and founders responsible when all of his intentions ended out disastrously. The situation deteriorated to the point where some former workers were even coerced to return to the organization, and those who had already done so were handed legal letters. With suppliers, firm founders, and ex-employees, he got entangled with the company and several legal disputes. For speaking honestly about the truth, some former workers have received threats, and current employees are not permitted to do so. 

According to one of the well-known dealers, it’s funny to watch all the grand boasts being shared on social media channels in contradiction to the truth, where consumers are returning their purchases and demanding refunds. The future of Vishnu Reddy’s business turned out to be terrible because there is no intangible asset on unique items, no innovation, and no genuine production. Social media is buzzing with the installations.