Old content tends to get out of date the longer you leave it alone. Your old posts will likely still provide you with a steady amount of traffic, even after being left for a while. That being said, your old content will start to fail you if left for too long.

This does not mean you need to delete the content, necessarily. There are many ways to continue using old content, even after several years. Take a look below to learn more!

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Keep an Eye on Both Age and Traffic

You can judge your posts by their age and traffic levels. If the traffic level is going up or remaining stable over time, the post is probably still alright. Those posts that are starting to see a steady loss of traffic need to be revisited.

If possible, try to revisit your posts every couple of months, at least. However, if you have too many posts to keep track of all of them this way, focus on the ones that are dropping off the most.

Adjust Your Headings

One of the things you can do to renew an old piece of content is to update it with new keywords. To do this, you will need to edit the headings a bit. (And likely quite a bit of the content as well)

Old keywords that people no longer search for is quite a common reason for your content to suddenly lose traffic. This is the first thing you should check.

Check the URL and Photos

Another issue could be an error or change in your post’s URL. If the URL should change at all, links will be broken and most of your interlinking will suffer from it. You must correct this immediately.

Old photos should be checked as well. You need to either swap them out with new pictures or update the meta description and alt description.

These are just a few of the things you can do to keep old content fresh and new. Make sure you do not lower the writing quality while making any of these changes!

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