When it comes time to redecorate your space, you may be concerned about blowing your budget out of the water. A crucial key to updating any room is keeping as much as possible while reviving it or giving it a new look and purpose. You don’t need a full-blown professional room makeover. Whether you are in the process of redoing a workspace or a home living space, here are some great ways to make big impacts with small price tags. 

Shop Pre-Owned 

If your furnishings are simply at the end of their life and can’t be updated any longer, consider donating them and shopping for pre-owned but new-to-you items. Many people and companies toss perfectly good furniture when they move, close down, or get a facelift. This means that you can find incredible deals on new and used office furniture at a fraction of the original cost. Shopping for pre-loved furniture and accessories is a great way to stretch your renovation budget. From accent chairs to wardrobe towers, you can find just about any item you need at a resale shop.

Add Greenery 

Adding plush, verdant plant life instantly adds appeal to any room. Incorporating plants into your decorating scheme is a cost-effective way to raise the bar on opulence. Choose plants that will thrive in your environment. Consider the lighting and water access they will have in your space. Many types of indoor plants help keep the air clean and fresh, and as a bonus, plants help relax your mind, too. Whether you prefer bountiful blooms or luxuriant leaves, adding living plants is a sure-fire way to elevate your space without breaking the bank. 

Use Color Accents 

Upping the style and aesthetic of any area you spend time in can be as simple as changing the color scheme. Depending on the energy you want to create in the space, you can choose different shades to foster those feelings. If you want an upbeat, exciting vibe, use red and orange tones to elicit them. If you want people who enter the area to feel calm and serene, use shades of blues and greens. Purple tones can create opulent, luxurious settings. No matter what you want to create, using pops of the right color can help. 

Redecorating any space, be it for work or pleasure, doesn’t have to be an overwhelming endeavor. You can take these easy steps to create a whole new style without wasting your money.